Saturday, March 22, 2014

Our New 2014 Desideratum Art Jewelry Designs

 I will never tire of looking out to that amazing body of water, the Bay of Fundy... it certainly has cast its spell on me...
 and on a winter day, when the sun shines in on my raising bread, what an added bonus.
(Homemade Rolls recipe from previous post found here)
This is the little woodpile for our kitchen stove. Our house is set up for electric heat too but we never use it, preferring the cosy feel of the wood crackling and humming in the woodstove.

  During the last couple months, we have been creating our new designs, as well as updating quite a few of our other designs and just yesterday finished our little annual catalog. I always wish I could finish it sooner but it seems always to take till now to have it completed.

 More Bead People are in it.

But I have to interrupt to show  the flocks of returning crows that have been gathering in the tree tops all around the field surrounding our house, every night when it's time for them to gather for their nightly roost.

 What it must feel like to be a bird sitting on those treetops and sailing on those currents.

 They had just got settled in for their gathering fiesta on the west and north sides of the house, and an hour later, the full moon was coming up over the treetops on the east side.

 I love that full moon.  
I wish i could have taken one later when it was shining over the bay. My camera is not the best with night shots, I was surprised I was able to capture these.  
A lot of this snow has melted now but a lot still remains.

 Ok, back to the designs... 

 Cat and Kitten
 Sterling Silver Hoops

 A Girl and her Cat


 Sun and Moon

 Hummer and Flower


 Boy and Girl

 Little Birds

Flower and Girl

 Veined Hearts

Fish with the SS wrapped tail

 Coffee and Tea

 Music Man


 Little Copper Squares

 I had to add a pic of little ol Pirate 'cause he was just too cute today.


  1. Hello dear. I love your pics. They are beautiful. What a lot of crows.. Your rolls rising look so homey and your ear rings are lovely.. I like the birds the best..
    Hope we will all see Spring soon..

  2. Love the girl and her cat ear rings!
    Crows every where, what fun. Pirate is gorgeous,

  3. Lovely whimsical designs, as always, Gwen. I have always loved heart jewelry so love the lined hearts very much.

    It's certainly been a great time to get inside things done as a lot of the winter it was unfit to be outdoors.

    Come along, Ms Spring!

  4. Faye I love it when the sun shines in like that. I hope the snow is slowly disappearing in your neck of the woods.

    Penny the Crows are a delight to watch. Only a few stay here the entire winter, now they are everywhere.

    Cuidado, you are certainly right about it being a great time to get things done inside...I can only imagine all the things you have accomplished. Right, come on Spring weather.

  5. You aren't kidding this has been a long winter... I've about burned myself out of firewood, and they're calling for a couple more cold nights.Soon enough, it'll be over.

    Lots of cool stuff! Might have to borrow parts of John's (or your's) wood-rack idea... I like that.

    Lovin' that puppy!

  6. Too cute, that Pirate!! And moons and crows and yes, winter has been something. Cold and snowy and I can't imagine more north how it was! First winter ever that I've had to buy a cord of wood in March! No way to access the wood shed through the roof-fall glaciers, so I have to cart it from the driveway to the door, pile it there and move it in. Not very fast or efficient.

    Lovely whimsy in the jewelry. Happy Spring! I think it actually will come?

  7. Steven, we left a whole rank in the woodshed empty last summer when we were filling it up... thinking we wouldn't need it, instead we put our wheelbarrows in that space. Wish we didn't do that. oh and feel free to use the idea for the woodrack... really heavy, strong.. next time we'd build it a bit wider and maybe make a place for kindling.. all done with 1/4" angle iron.

    Valerianna, Probably the most wood we have ever used too... the cold has just continued for so long with not much let up... I am afraid the people with the power are playing with the weather... just got back from a walk on the beach with the dogs... at least along the salt water there is always a place that is free of snow. I'm, trying desperately to look at the bright side.

  8. A great selection! Loving the hummer and flower.

  9. I LOVE the cat and kitten design and the crows pictures.

  10. Hi, Gwen. May I say - in the second photo of Bead People, you have definitely captured a Swede. Farther down, you know me, I can't help but noting there is a Bead Person who is doing something slightly naughty. xoxo

  11. Thanks Robyn, the Flower with the Hummer is a new cute little thing that John designed.

    Guillaume, I wish I had got the shots of multitude of crows when they were all cawing and going round and round in the sky. It was a thrill to see!

    HiMorna, You crazy thing, I should have known you would notice some silly little idiosyncrasy. hahaha!!

  12. Your ear ring sets are gorgeous, Gwen. I love the 'mismatched' sets and your quirky style. Too many 'favourites' to mention!
    That is quite a show the crows put on for you each night - I wonder why they do it?! And yes, Pirate is adorable. I hope spring is finally upon you after your long, hard winter.

  13. Thanks Janice. I am wondering if the crows are just really excited to see each other or it's a mating get together. They do it every year. It just makes me happy to watch them.

  14. I'm still seeing the same thing as you Gwen when I look out any window........ snow and dead stuff ...well, at least colourless even if it isn't quite dead after the winter we've had as well....

    Hiya little Pirate! you're a cutie for sure! Look at that face........ awwww..... and, look at all the lovely earrings ...and the sweet little people..
    oooh... and....
    a murder of crows..... wow ... there is lots to see in this post Gwen...

  15. V, we will all have to commiserate together. You know "misery loves company".

  16. Gwen, ....waaaaahhhhhhh... guess what? it is snowing here ..yet again.... and... forecast to quit ..... uhm.... maybe next week.... great...... dammitdammitdammit!!

  17. V, we have another doozy blowing through right now... I think it is the beginning of the New Ice Age.

  18. I have lighthouse and boat, boy and girl, star and moon, and dragonfly well as a few little beaded gems! Love your work. Also inspired by your previous post about sprouting mung beans and making buns (or rolls as is said in the maritimes). Used to sprout beans all the time. Wonder why we got away from that? Used to make our own yogurt as well. Must get back to the "old ways." Glad to see that you've kept yourselves happily occupied during this crazy winter! I got back just in time for the recent Big Blizzard.Can spring be far behind???

  19. Lynne with an E, my oh my, you have excellent timing! This blizzard was held over just for you!!!
    I never knew that "Rolls" was a local term.?? but we do have a habit of saying peculiar things sometimes.. old fashioned-like. haha.
    I used to make yogurt years ago too but at the time I had 3 milk goats.. I remember making a lot of custard for the kids too.. even tried making cheese (not a good idea.. very smelly!).
    Welcome Home!

  20. I love the pictures, particularly the ones of the birds in the treetops! Beautiful!

    Wishing you some lovely spring weather soon!

  21. Thank you Jennifer. I really enjoy watching the skies especially when all the birds are coming back...

  22. Your work is so artsy good!

  23. Thank you Sue, You are so sweet! Thanks for coming by.

  24. I want to buy the girl and earrings ... how do go about it?

  25. Hi Cat, Thanks! I'll send you an email. Cheers G.