Saturday, September 03, 2011

St. Martins Art House ... Our Desideratum


very old doors rescued and put back in use

One of a Kind 10' tall Art Sculpture Steel Fire Shield in the Great room created by artist owner, John.


Polished, varnished, insulated, stained concrete with in-floor heating...

Arched doorway leads to custom built kitchen also created by John Ackerson and Gwen Buchanan.


 antique beamed entrance created from beams rescued from the original property

Handmade custom designed steel and antique staircase and railing created by John Ackerson, artist owner

Close-up of antique railing.


Door created from an antique church window

Gothic arched door threshold...


 a fireman's pole... polished stainless steel

A real fireman's pole.  The kids love it.

Ornate original designed cedar trim details created by artist owners surround the front door and  all the windows.

Handmade Cast iron and Brass bell

 from bottom of the garden camp and recycled greenhouse

Sunrise  early one morning.

John's magic work with stone.

Relaxing and satisfying wide coastal view of the Bay of Fundy from the above fire-pit.  Far across the water is Nova Scotia where lights can be seen sparkling on clear nights.

The house and property contains many special features..  this property was created with passion by us the designer/owners over several years.. till we made it just the way we felt it suited this marvelous panoramic acreage and the historic shipbuilding and fishing village lying below.

Some of the multitude of roses  and an upcycled quatre-foil window 

 The view is ever-changing. Better than TV.

We hope you enjoy the culmination of our Labors and 
what much Love from our Head, Heart and Hands have brought to Life...

Below are a few pictures of St. Martins village and the salt water seashore
 Walk on the Ocean floor of the Bay of Fundy at low tide... there is plenty of time to explore as the tide takes 6 hours to go out and another 6 hours to come back in again.

looking towards Quaco Head and the Bay of Fundy

 This Flower Pot Rock is easily reached on foot at low tide from St. Martins public beaches or kayak at high tide..

 Gorgeous sandstone outcroppings to explore on the West Quaco beach...

 Lobster and Scallop fishing boats

the gorgeous saltwater marsh attracts migrating birds and bird-lovers...
during the full moon and the new moon it totally fills with the highest tides. Magic, isn't it.

 ...experience mystery and magic when the fog drifts in...

 The charming St. Martins harbour at Midnight and low tide

 Solitude, beach-walks and beach-combing while experiencing vast views towards the Fundy Trail Parkway and across the Bay of Fundy. The fabulous Fundy Trail Parkway is only 7-10 minutes from the village
 The famous St. Martins Sea Caves carved by the Fundy tides... easily reached  at low tide and the entire beach in St. Martins is for public use.

The picturesque harbor with the fishing boats sitting on the ocean bottom at low tide.

Early one winter morning when the sea-smoke was rising from the bay...  the salt water never freezes and the beaches are free of snow in the winter... excellent expanses for beach walks with your dogs.


Thank You for taking the time to see what we have been working on these last few years. It was a thrilling Adventure... but as artists create they must eventually let go, so they can continue on their creative process and someone new can share and enjoy in the finished creation. 

The home and landscape was passionately designed and created by us, the owners, Gwen Buchanan and John Ackerson,  Artists/Designers/ Builder.

SOLD September 2016

 St. Martins,  New Brunswick,  Bay of Fundy,  Canada 


Wendy Batten said...

This is the most spectacular home I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. I could not love it more. Magical and amazing. I hope you find a buyer that will love and appreciate it. I could move in tomorrow and would not change one single thing. Your artwork is beautiful.

Gisèle said...

Absolutely amazing!! Good luck :)

Gwen Buchanan said...

Thanks girls, Hope to find that special person.

sandy said...

I haven't given up - just waiting for the money to come in, lol. How i love your place.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Awe Sandy you're such a joker!!