At Work at our New Very Old Place

 We are spending every day at our in-progress Desideratum Art Studio... building up our stock for the coming season... bringing back many of our favourite designs as well as a few new ones.
 Above are Three new designs we will be adding to our collection this year. 

the Peridot and Silver, a bit closer, $25 pair

 Throughout the fall and winter we have been feverishly working on our old house to make it livable. Here John is trimming to size and squaring up these very old doors we have had in storage and have been carting around for some time now.
 I love the long panels... John had to do some fixing to them before they could be used... trimming to make them even and square, filling in spots where there was damaged wood, changing position of the hinges and cutting out and affixing old porcelain doorknobs, but he did and we managed to save them ....we had 3 of this type.

 We were recently informed by an auctionereer that these two old panel doors appear to be of the Victorian period mid 19th century circa 1850... love to find out information about architecture and historical artifacts!!

 cutting out a lovely smooth spot for the hinges.. John informed me, that this part of the process is called mortising. 

 Good fit. we wished we could have found some antique hinges like we found and put on all the doors of our last house in St. Martins, but they have become more difficult to come across . 

Here John sculpted out the set in spot for the other side of the hinge on a little upstairs closet.the process involved in hanging doors is quite time consuming when done from scratch!!!!

These are a few of the old square nails we removed from the antique doors. I find them beautiful!

 Copper  Goldstone and Sterling Silver Bracelet

 Sterling Silver and Jasper Bracelet

 Black pottery glass, jasper, amethyst and Sterling Silver Bracelet

Zebra Jasper, amethyst, and Sterling Silver Bracelet

Abstractly fused copper and silver rectangles combined with handmade African Bauxite beads... with copper... light and earthy... lots of movement... unusual how the silver formed a "T" in the fusing process completely by happy accident. 2 1/2" total length... one of a kind and only pair like this available... $25.00 pr.
.....if interested please send us an email. we ship asap 
.... background ink drawing of crows from my sketchbook, 

Been a long winter in the middle of New Brunswick... We are ready for Spring. Won't be long now!! 
Cheers everyone!!