Thursday, March 09, 2017

At Work at our New Very Old Place

 We are spending every day at our in-progress Desideratum Art Studio... building up our stock for the coming season... bringing back many of our favourite designs as well as a few new ones.
 Above are Three new designs we will be adding to our collection this year. 

the Peridot and Silver, a bit closer, $25 pair

 Throughout the fall and winter we have been making our old house more livable. Here John is trimming and squaring up the very old doors .

 We were recently informed by an auctionereer that these two old panel doors appear to be of the Victorian period mid 19th century circa 1850... love to find out information about architecture and historical artifacts!!

These are a few of the old square nails we removed from the antique doors. I find them beautiful!

 Copper  Goldstone and Sterling Silver Bracelet

 Sterling Silver and Jasper Bracelet

 Black pottery glass, jasper, amethyst and Sterling Silver Bracelet

Zebra Jasper, amethyst, and Sterling Silver Bracelet

Abstractly fused copper and silver rectangles combined with handmade African Bauxite beads... with copper... light and earthy... lots of movement... unusual how the silver formed a "T" in the fusing process completely by happy accident. 2 1/2" total length... one of a kind and only pair like this available... $25.00 pr.

.... background ink drawing of crows from my sketchbook, 

Been a long winter in the middle of New Brunswick... We are ready for Spring. Won't be long now!! 
Cheers everyone!!


^.^ said...

Lovely and magical post as always, friend Gwen ... cat.

Gwen Buchanan said...

So sweet of you Cat! Hoping to pull this old place together again soon, xo

Faye Henry said...

Hello sweet girl! Love when I see a post on your blog..(More my style then FB) smile... You and John kind of energise me when I read your post and look at your lovely pics.. Makes me wish we were younger and more able.. Love all of your handwork and the talent you both display is awesome..
Yeah for Spring! God bless my friend.. xo

Mary Stiles said...

Your work is so beautiful and I love seeing what you are doing in your house. I am thinking you are not that far from where we live in Island view. I feel the same as Faye did, "wish we were younger and more able"...
Hope you stayed warm this weekend and are ready for snow this week. I am so ready for Spring.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Oh Faye and Mary, you make me blush! I could show you some pictures of this old place that would scare the pants off ya! but I'm trying to forget about them, ha. What a crazy snowy winter!!! Would be nice to see the both of you! Hope the snow melts before it reaches us. Maybe if I stay in the studio with my nose to the bench I won't notice it. xo

Guillaume said...

I'd buy some of that jewellery for my wife if I could.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Hi Guillaume I can send you a catalog if you would like.