Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Activities at the Old Place

 Last month we were still having some cool weather so the wood stove was humming. No sense wasting all that heat... up near the ceiling is a great spot to dry heavy wool socks. 

John cut some shelving for a skinny closet we  made and here I'm varnishing them a few times. Luckily the floors are still unfinished so no worries of any drips.

Below are a few pair of earrings that were sent out to customers during the last while.

 Fresh Water Pearl and Sterling textured dome

 Balls of Yarn earrings in Copper

 Sterling Wrapped forged Copper

Sterling Wrapped Amethyst on handmade spiral earwires

 Cat and Kitten

 When we moved last fall... I purged much... gave away a Kenmore machine, exactly this 1968 model, to my daughter ... gave away 9 others too... but somehow, as fate would have it... someone posted this on Kijiji and now it's sitting on my desk

She just needed some cleaning and oiling... She weighs a ton and sews a very fine seam.

All the snow has finally gone and popping up in an area of grass that is all but ignored is a cheery patch of Crocus. What a happy surprise... Just love them.. Now just waiting for the grass to green up..
Happy Days All


A Heron's View said...

Am very pleased to see that you both have been keeping yourselves busy. Very much admire the sturdy shelving too, which will look nice when varnished.

Priya Sebastian said...

You both are incredible. The earrings are beautiful, the sewing machine priceless.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Too busy Mel, can't wait till things are done. I've filled the shelves with books ... happy to say. Now just to gather some time to page through some of them.

Hi Priya, you're too kind. Time moves too fast. Hope life is being good to you. Wish you well

^.^ said...

Awesome to hear from you again, friend Gwen ... I love the socks above the stove ... that reminds me of when grandpa Bentley was still around and my son Paul was little ... One fine spring day they went out into the woods to cut fire wood close to a beaver pond ... and whatdayaknow, grandpa fell into the beaver pond ... Paul's report on that went like this: Grandpa fell into the beaver pond, for a while there was nothing, then his hat had came up, then his wallet, and then grandpa ... smiles ... still remember hanging up and drying driver's license and various money bills over our stove ... smiles ... Wishing you and your family a very good spring 2017, ma friend ... Love, Theo and cat.

Guillaume said...

Oh I want some of these pairs of socks! I am running out of socks and these look so comfy. My mum does a lot of knitting these days for little Wolfie.

Faye Henry said...

Such a wonderful post full of inspiration.. Love your drying rack! I can't wait to see your filled book shelves.. Are they in the kitchen? Sounds wonderful.. Love books in every room here.. The doors are awesome, too.. xo

Gwen Buchanan said...

oh my where did these comments appear.. so sorry for not acknowledging them.

Cat. I love that story. sweet how pictures conjure up memories... Hope all's well with you!

Guillaume, you are a lucky one to have your momma knit for your little son. His feet will be toasty!

Hi Faye, yes the book shelves are in the kitchen/living room main room of the little house. seems most everything happens there. xo