Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Feasting on Nature

 Visitors on the front lawn just a day ago. 

 I had seen this doe quietly walking around the border of the property for several days. She was all alone. I recognized her by her black nose.

 Now I know she was all alone because she was looking for a place to bed down and have her little fawn.

 She spent quite a while licking the little thing while it nursed.

 She is leading her baby to some tall grass nearby, prob. to hide in while she goes about her day.

 Enjoying the burst of colour and life all around us...
from dandelions 

 to drifts of Forget me Nots

 to bursts of Lilacs and their intoxicating scent

 Jack in the Pulpit

 So exotic for here... I just love coming across them..

 usually in the under growth of the hedgerow trees, where the light is dappled and the soil is humus.

 Earlier in the spring, these  Daffodils gave so much joy.

 It almost felt like they were singing hallelujah, spring has arrived...

 although still chilly then, the colour almost made you forget about the temperature.

Then the african Violet took up the  signal and burst into bloom. 

 and not to forget the little Daphne, that we found growing in a rockpile... we moved a few pieces of it over by the house so we could enjoy its beauty up close.

 In between being enamoured with the beauty of nature.. work must go on ... here are a few more of our designs ready to go.
Fishbone Earrings hanging on shells we brought with us from the ocean at St. Martins on the Bay of Fundy.

 The Book and Mug



and "Spring Blossoms" a new design inspired by the much awaited spring colour that is bursting forth in so many gardens. 4 1/8" long with lots of movement... silver and copper beads, czech glass in aqua and garnet, african painted bead, amethyst, leopardskin Jasper, peridot and sterling silver wrapped crystal.. Only made one pair of these.

Be Happy and enjoy your life! 


^.^ said...

Same here, friend Gwen ... Spring is certainly in the air ... Lilacs are blooming ... oh, the smell ... smiles ... I put my garden in 2 weeks ago ... everything is growing like crazy ... like the plants know that they have only a short 100 frost free days ... As soon as the peas came up, deer ate them a every year ... o, well come hunting season November, one of them will offer their body for us to eat ... Anyway, wishing a very happy Spring and Summer, friend ... Love ad purrs from Theo and cat.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Purrs to the both of you too, Cat. I have been planting perennials today, most are deer resistant, I'm hoping anyway. So love watching plants grow. I'm putting in tomatoes and onions tomorrow.. I'm also hoping we will get to eat them. cheerio!!!

WILDSIDE said...

Gwen, I expect you might already know this, but your post today reminded me of the doe that decided the safest place to have her fawn was underneath the tree in view of my kitchen window. Months later, she later brought that fawn back to prance and play in the dusk in our meadow under the living room windows. I like to believe that fawn was Rosie, a full grown doe who loved to hang around, nap, and much on all sorts of good tasting things... My deer are connoisseurs of all sort of things they are never suppose to eat!

Best wishes to you in your new abode.

Gwen Buchanan said...

That is a sweet story Wildside!! Thanks we are settling in. Oh the herds of deer that roam through our fields are quite the munchers too. they love to taste everything. They ate off my daylilies last month. the rascals. I moved them and then they decided to trim back the hosta. I planted a row of white lilacs and they pruned them too. I hope there is enough left so at least some are saved. Was just watching the crows chase the squirrels for a piece of bread.. quite funny.

A Heron's View said...

We were driving along a very narrow road in a timbered valley, one of the many that criss cross our local mountains and I just happened to look up to catch sight of a single doe looking down on us. I thought at the time that she had a bit of cheeky look on her that said

"What are you doing here disturbing my peace ?"

She was though a sight to store away in my memory banks and treasure forever.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Hi Mel, It is a good thing to look up. you see sights that remain a mystery to many. Thank you for sharing your venture into the country. cheers

Guillaume said...

Oh what a sweet doe and her little baby! The pictures that make you go: "Aaaaaaawwww!"

Gwen Buchanan said...

So true, They were pretty adorable.. nothing like newborn babies!!! I hope mama whispers in its ear not to eat my flowers

sandy said...

love everything about this post - and those earrings LOVE THEM.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Thanks Sandy... we had a few scorching days and now back to cool rain. hope all's well with you!