Thursday, April 25, 2019

Back at the Jewelry Workbench

Back in familiar territory and switching out the tools of the trade😊 ... hanging out at the jewelry bench... dreaming up combinations of silver, copper, Czech glass, semi-precious stones and playful beads.
... nice to have the feel of the tools back in my hands ... will soon be posting the new designs on our FB Desideratum Art and Jewelry page... accessed on the right hand side of this post... or just send a message from the form on the right if you wish to order

 "Thoughts of Blue Sky" , Sterling Silver textured tops with lightly moving sky-blue teardrops of Czech glass...sterling earwires... 1 3/4" long top of earwire to bottom of drop... Handmade at our Desideratum studio. $30.

...if interested, please send us a message.. we accept E-transfer and ship next day. 
...It's feels pleasant to be back at the jewelry bench ... like hanging out with an old friend

...if interested, please send us a message.. we accept E-transfer and ship next day.
...note: I see the buds on the Lilac tree growing larger each day

Below...  "Lilacs and Cream", Amethyst nugget hugged by sterling silver beads with a beautiful Fresh Water Pearl drop below... Sterling earwires... 1 3/8" long, top of earwire to bottom of Pearl... Handmade at our Desideratum studio. $25. a pair 

"Sagittarius", a cheery Turquoise nugget with Silver beads highlighting a Copper and Silver fused Rose design... Love how they compliment each other... 1 7/8" from top of earwire to base of Rose. $30. a pair. 
...If interested. please send us a message, we ship ASAP and accept e-transfers... also send to the US and Overseas with payment by cheque. Shipping is minimal.
... background pottery by talented NB Potter Helen Stanley ❤️

"Burgundy"... Labradorite and deep red, handcut and faceted Garnet drop... 2 1/4"L. top of earwire to base of Garnet drop. $35. pair. 
...Folklore has it that garnet may bring peace, prosperity and good health to the wearer. ❤️ ...January birthstone

...If interested please send us a message. we ship throughout North America and Overseas. ... 
Cheers All    ...from Desideratum Art and Jewelry, New Brunswick, Canada

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Making the Hourglass Quilt

Beginning the process... and bringing out fabrics to choose between for the darks and lights

some of the darks

on to the lights... I use the same triangle template to mark both lights and darks. 

 every light has been matched to a dark
...pictorial sequence follows...

 I love using the treadle sewing machine... she is a 1936 Singer and uses a class 15 bobbin .

2 lights and 2 darks combine to make a 5" block. if you were doing one for yourself, you can make them any size you want, depending on the design of the quilt you wish to create.

always pressing the seams to the dark side... pressing the seams at each stage of the process makes it very pleasant to work with the blocks and keeps everything lying flat.

arranging the blocks so there is always a dark touching a light

seamed several lengths of wild bright cotton print for the back, pinned it into the frames, added a layer of batting and then the top was smoothed over and pinned in place

after the blocks were sewn together I felt a dark colour border  all around the outside would frame it in nicely... now it's in the frames and a couple rolls have been done.  it's so pretty, if I do say so myself... the colours just danced in the sunshine

 this quilt is being tied with embroidery floss at each corner ... I make 2 passes thru the fabric and then make a double knot and trim the thread to 3/4"

 my funky quilt stands.. they come apart for easy storage

 almost done tying 

measured and cut out 4" wide fabric strips for the binding... then sewn together, seams pressed and the entire length pressed in half lengthwise

 sewing the binding all around the edge of the quilt. 

 after this I trimmed the excess fabric away and folded the binding to the back and hand hemmed it 

Hourglass Quilt   all Finished... soft, cozy, cheery and bright....  and I love it!!

Monday, December 03, 2018

Nature and the Old Crabapple Tree

The old Crabapple tree laden with fruit in late summer... I would like to say Fall but Fall forgot to come this year... 

 snow came early and softened all that wonderful fruit... 

 yesterday and today the Cedar Waxwings came... a huge flock, chittering and tweeteling, having a feast of the little apples... they were very hard to see without a closer look, but then I saw them everywhere in amongst the branches...

as they ate being very sociable and sharing with each other, I saw and heard bits and parts of the apples falling to the ground, landing on the snow... it was littered with mushy red apple pieces.... 

 wasn't long before the deer knew about it and joined in... different size groups came and went ... sometimes 5... sometimes 7... sometimes just a mother and a baby...

 Snow began falling again this afternoon and looked so pretty... each apple with a little snow cap...

 it was beautiful to see this ecosystem happening before me and I am thankful for it.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Living in The Studio

A shot of the end of our kitchen.. we use it more like a studio, being as the house is so small... Everything is stacked up to the ceiling.   Brought one of the kerosene lamps out just in case the power goes out... I want to be ready... but right now I am enjoying the light being reflected off the snow.. altho I am not crazy about snow, by any means.

We had our first fire of the season back on Oct. 11. felt really good too.. had a little fire on most every day since.
 It has become cold very early this year... feels like we are going into our next Ice Age right before our eyes. 

Had the 2 cds. of firewood stacked outside and drying since early summer.. this is the wood for next year. mostly maple... we have this years wood already dried and stored inside.. we always dry our wood a year ahead if we possibly can... That is the woodshed John built last summer... sure is nice to have a real woodshed now instead of the Hobbit hut we had the first year here. that year it was stacked outside with snow piled all around it and John had to dig down to it every time we needed some.. looked like he was crawling into a igloo to get it on his hands and knees.. was not fun... good exercise tho, if one wanted to look at it in a positive way.

This stack of 2 cds was put away in the woodshed at the end of October.. that is late for us but it was not an especially good drying year. but John had it covered with two old sheets of tin roofing which let the air thru and kept it pretty well dry... all in now!!

Been playing around in my sketchbook this year during our sabbatical.

Oatmeal Brown Bread with raisins, sunflower seeds and flax... Love having time to make bread for us all.. it has been so many years since I have bought bread from a store, I can't remember. I always make 2 batches at a time and divide each batch in 2.. makes it easier to store and keeps it fresh as I put the other 3 in the freezer and then I don't have to make bread for a few days.

in the side field the milkweed is gently spreading its seeds... little parachutes flying everywhere.

Planted the garlic on Oct.22... later than last year.. was waiting for the ground to dry up a bit as it was a rainy Oct.  ...managed to plant over 100 cloves, double what I put in last year .. had to sacrifice them from the crop I grew this year.. sure hope they grow. 

to finish up I covered them with a thick layer of straw.  

I store them in a net bag I crocheted last winter.. this type is called Music and they are the best tasting garlic I ever had.. got the original bulbs from a garlic farmer not far outside Fredericton.

The birds are liking the sunflower seeds in the feeder outside my studio window.  We used another old piece of tin roofing to make a roof for the feeder, to give the birds a little shelter while they treat us with their beauty.. usually a big fat gray squirrel is sitting in there.. 

The snow is coming down out there right now and amounting to quite a bit. 

Still making a few earrings or posting some designs that have come to light after searching around in the backs of the jewelry storage cabinet... 

These sold in minutes on our FaceBook page soon after I posted them.

"Square Spiral" earrings, solid copper, antiqued with sterling shepherd  earwire... approx 7/8" across and 1 1/4" long. $25. pr.

"A little Medieval"... hammered shaped Sterling with African Turquoise... approx. 2" long .. handmade at Desideratum studio. $25. pr. 

If interested in any of our earrings please send us a message on our right sidebar. 

Well looks like winter has come early.. Hope everyone has a cozy place to curl up and stay warm.. till next time, Cheers, Gwen at Desideratum Art and Jewelry