Saturday, 12 April 2014

April Beach Walk by the Bay of Fundy

  You're welcome to come along.... breathe the fresh salt air... beachcomb... take in the sunshine.
 The tide is going out and there is plenty of pebble beach to wander on.











 The dogs get so excited when they find we are going down here.

Desideratum Art and Jewelry Studio, St.Martins, on the Bay of Fundy,
New Brunswick.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Vintage Beatrice Harper Grinder

 Recently when I was out looking around in a second hand shop I found this great old Grinder.  
I remember using one of these a long time ago when making mincemeat and pickles. 
It was in good shape so I picked it up as I am on the search for things that I can use without electricity. 

Two times lately a plastic part on my electric food processor has broke and I had to find some super adhesive to fix it, of course, it didn't hold... the food processor works fine but due to planned obsolescence,  the company no longer makes parts for that I am not able to buy the plastic part that holds the cutter blades.. that really makes me mad.  I'm on the look out for much better glue but till then I am going to try this old style grinder when it serves the purpose.

 It came with all 3 original  fine, medium and coarse cutters.

 Harper is in raised letters on one side ...

 ... and Beatrice,  Made in England on the other.
 Looking down through the top opening you can see the spiral steel corkscrew device that when turned moves the vegetables or meat along towards the front cutter blades.

 Here is what it looks like with the steel corkscrew removed. 
 I don't know if it is called a corkscrew but it reminds me of one.
You can see the raised grooves in the base section that starts the cutting process.

The steel was tinned when it was brand new, but it has worn away on some places that received the most use.
But not to worry,  it can still be maintained with a little oil to keep it from rusting and it won't kill you if you use it.
It will just keep working every time you want it to. 
Just think of all the times you won't have to get mad because it broke again...
 because it won't... they used to make things that lasted.
Just make sure it is nice and dry before you put it away.

 This is the front where the cutter blades are attached.

 This is looking in from the back where the corkscrew grinder and handle slide in.

 This is what it looks like with the big grinder put into place with the medium size cutter blade attached with the wing nut.

 A look under the cutting board shows the heavy duty clamp that attaches the Grinder to the counter.

 The wooden handle still has traces of its red paint.

The blurred numerals just above the word Harper reads No.3181

They made the front attaching screw long enough to hold all 3 cutter blades so they won't get lost in storage.
Everything about this is just simple and smart.  I'd rather turn the handle than push a button anyway. 
 It feels like you are more involved in the process....  and there is absolutely No plastic on it anywhere! 

Maybe I won't even bother fixing my electric food processor and instead,  just use this great piece of vintage kitchen equipment, all the time....
after all at $5.99,  it cost less than the glue.

I can't wait to start mincing and grinding things.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Our New 2014 Desideratum Art Jewelry Designs

 I will never tire of looking out to that amazing body of water, the Bay of Fundy... it certainly has cast its spell on me...
 and on a winter day, when the sun shines in on my raising bread, what an added bonus.
(Homemade Rolls recipe from previous post found here)
This is the little woodpile for our kitchen stove. Our house is set up for electric heat too but we never use it, preferring the cosy feel of the wood crackling and humming in the woodstove.

  During the last couple months, we have been creating our new designs, as well as updating quite a few of our other designs and just yesterday finished our little annual catalog. I always wish I could finish it sooner but it seems always to take till now to have it completed.

 More Bead People are in it.

But I have to interrupt to show  the flocks of returning crows that have been gathering in the tree tops all around the field surrounding our house, every night when it's time for them to gather for their nightly roost.

 What it must feel like to be a bird sitting on those treetops and sailing on those currents.

 They had just got settled in for their gathering fiesta on the west and north sides of the house, and an hour later, the full moon was coming up over the treetops on the east side.

 I love that full moon.  
I wish i could have taken one later when it was shining over the bay. My camera is not the best with night shots, I was surprised I was able to capture these.  
A lot of this snow has melted now but a lot still remains.

 Ok, back to the designs... 

 Cat and Kitten
 Sterling Silver Hoops

 A Girl and her Cat


 Sun and Moon

 Hummer and Flower


 Boy and Girl

 Little Birds

Flower and Girl

 Veined Hearts

Fish with the SS wrapped tail

 Coffee and Tea

 Music Man


 Little Copper Squares

 I'll be glad to send you a copy.

 I had to add a pic of little ol Pirate 'cause he was just too cute today.