Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hand # 6

 Accuse, Gwen Buchanan

"But alas to make me 
the fixed figure for the time of scorn
to point his slow unmoving finger at."
 Othello 4, 2, 54... Shakespeare


I rubbed away most of the red chalk  to give the background more subtlety 
 and used the eraser to expose the white of the paper as
 the highlights of the hand and the gauze of the sleeve.
 I outlined the finger with graphite to represent the darkness associated with accusation.

 This is my interpretation of  Leonardo's "Study of a Hand"  c. 1483, 
  His was done on dark grey prepared paper with black chalk heightened with white.
It is stored at Windsor Castle Royal Library, England.
also found in "Leonardo da Vinci, Sketches and Drawings", Frank Zollner, Taschen.

 6" x 8" , sanguine conte, graphite, eraser on card stock weight paper
 created at Desideratum Art and Jewelry Studio, St. Martins, NB Canada


Carol Steel 5050 said...

Feels threatening just to gaze at it. All that accusation wrapped in a gauzy sleeve, perfect!

Anet said...

I am in awe of all your hand art!

Hands are the hardest body parts for me to draw. I would draw people with there arms folded behind their backs to avoid having to draw hands.

Guillaume said...

I love this accusatory finger.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Carol, If Leonardo knew how much the world is inspired by what he accomplished and left behind, I'm sure he would secretly smile like Mona Lisa.

Thanks Anet, that's funny... I bet you are really good at it though!

Thanks Guillaume, as long as it is not pointing at ourselves.

Tracy said...

BIG recrimination feeling coming from the finger...and yet, how soft and almost sweet the fold of the gauzy blouse--wonderful contrasts, Gwen. You interpretation holds as much power & grace as Leonardo's. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

louciao said...

So much character and pointed (pardon the pun) energy in this hand/finger composition. I'm confused by the placement of the body, though...with the thumb on the outside of the hand, I want the body to be on the side closest to the viewer. Do you see what I mean? Maybe I'm looking at this wrong. I love your use of the red chalk & graphite, with the white coming through to add another element. The erasing left a wonderfully wispy effect that contrasts with the strength of the pointing finger.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Thanks Tracy, I never used charcoal or conte much at all till the last year and would like to experiment with it more. Wish there was more time away from making a living...

Louciao, That's to make you ask questions??? ...Actually I wondered that myself ... puzzling that the hand must be pointing out sideways from the body and that the fabric folds are perhaps from a gathered cape of some kind... maybe... anyway that's the way Leonardo did it so who's to second guess the Man.

pauline said...

Your hand series is pure beauty Gwen...
You have sooooo much talent. LOVE the white wisps of the sleeve. xoxo

louciao said...

Right. He da Man! Who are we to quibble.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Hey Pauline, You are a wonderful encourager. Thank you.

Louciao, the man's the man.
I'm also figuring it was part of a larger idea... a sketch that grew.