Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hand # 7

Hand at Rest, Gwen Buchanan

 ...very, very loosely done .. sketchy...  almost a doodle,
 exploring  texture, line, washes, cross-hatching, tone....
 This drawing was done earlier in the spring
'cause lately......

I've been working non-stop in the jewelry studio 
catching up, sending out, making more, pulling out my hair and drinking lots of coffee...
as a matter of fact my  hands really do look like the one above..   
rather worn out and wonky
but no time for resting hands at the moment,
 'cause I'm........ 

 "Making hay while the sun shines"
 John Heywood, 1497-1580, writer ... best known for his Proverbs

even if it's raining.
Cheers All  xoxo


Oldfool said...

Miz Gwen,
You doodle better than I draw on my best day.
An Admirer

pRiyA said...

I like this best. It is strong and beautiful. The colours subtle. This is a style I associate with you.

ArtPropelled said...

Whether you doodle, draw, paint or create jewellery you always have the magic touch, Gwen.Lovely sketch!

Tracy said...

ah, it's good to rest.. take a great when you can, Gwen... While we admire your hand in repose. :o) We're heading to the USA on Monday to visit my family for some days. Online time will be limited, but I hope to be around. Happy Days ((HUGS))

Seth said...

Hands are notoriously challenging. Loving the "looseness" of this one!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Thanks OF.. but really, I think you are a much better all round Doodler!!

Thanks Priya, It really is amazing how much enjoyment one can get from sloshing around a pointed writing implement, no matter which way it turns out!!

Thank you Robyn, one of my favourite pair of pliers broke today, it is like losing a good friend..

Tracy, Hope your trip to the States brings back lots of good memories and you have time to make plenty more. Thank You!

Thank you Seth.. It was fun. Congratulations to you on your new book. It must be so exciting. Hope it gets lots of attention.

Steven Cain said...

Work, work, work... What would we be without it?

I'm five days behind everything I think I need to do, and falling deeper into the hole with all of the things I want to do and that actually need doing.

Wonky. I think I'm going to adopt that word on behalf of the Yanks.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Stephen, I have been playing catch-up for so long, I don't even remember getting on this Merry-go-round.