Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Foggy Day in St. Martins

Since July was such a hot month and I have been hearing locals and visitors alike Wishing for Fog,  I thought a few pictures from the St. Martins Harbour and the shore along the Bay of Fundy on one Foggy day back in June would cool things off a bit for everybody..

It is low tide and the fishing boats are sitting in the mud.. One of the covered bridges is in the background...  there are two at the harbour... also it has a covered walkway for pedestrians with cut-out window holes.

I love when everything disappears into the fog.. now you see it... now you don't...  it's Magic.
Views like this are an Artist's Dream.... anyone living here or visiting must feel they are walking inside a Painting.

 There is a wharf on either side of the harbour.

Most of these boats are scallop draggers and  I can't wait to have some fresh scallops.

Like the Boat's name, "Last Chance"... perhaps they mean it's our last chance to cool off.

As can be seen by the water marks on the wharf supports the tide has to rise more before they can go out.
6 hours in, 6 hours out.

This is The Caves, one of St. Martins landmarks, carved by the Bay of Fundy waves from the sandstone cliffs.
I was quite a distance away when I took this shot so the size of them does not appear as large as they really are.  I'll have to check for sure but I think the bluffs are 60'-75 'high plus the tall Spruce trees.
See my side bar for The Caves on a sunny day.

 The incoming tide has riled up the sand and made the water look dark. 

 The waves are beginning to hit on the red bluffs in the background.. They aren't very high today.. last year when a big storm went through.. the waves were crashing so hard that they were splashing well over the tops of the trees on the tops of the bluffs. Everybody always heads to the shore to take pictures when that happens.. On one occasion  the waves grabbed a car and started to pull it into the surf... but luckily with some help from some bystanders and ropes they  were able to rescue it.

Heading out to a day of fishing on the Bay of Fundy

 ... starting to clear a bit.

I see blue skies, so another beautiful day will soon be upon us.


Linda H said...

Ahhh..whew!! Thanks for the "Cool-off"!! It's a blistering 31C in our backyard right now, with lots of humidity too... ahhhh to be on that foggy beach...
As always, beautiful pics!! Thanks.

pRiyA said...

I think change is good but when you've built something with lots of love and it is time to let go, it can tug at the heart. Even to the unsentimental.
Every picture in this post is like a watercolour painting by an old master. So so beautiful.

Owen said...

Mmmm, can feel the cool mist of the fog, and smell the salt air, which is more than enough to make one seriously hungry for a big plate of scallops... Amazing what mischief a few pictures can do in the depths of a mind...

Oldfool said...

For a number of years I lived near the beach in the South Bay in Southern California and lived aboard my boat for a couple of years in the harbor. Yes I miss the fog and the sounds and smells that go with it. I hated it then and sailed off to sunnier climates but now I don't miss the sunnier climates of paradise but I miss the fog. Before I left there the only times I went to the beach was when it was foggy. I had it to myself I think but since I couldn't see 10 feet who knows.

Change is good. It doesn't matter if the change makes you more successful or not. Without change you molder, rot and then die so change and live.

Guillaume said...

Beautiful and eerie. Lovely, lovely pictures.

Hillary said...

Great photographs, I love fog, it makes well known places eerie and unrecognizable. Here at home fog is usually followed by settled weather and a nice day. I like your eye for the shot. I visited earlier today and didn't leave a comment (keyboard batteries flat) then you visited me and I had recharged by then so I can now. Thanks for the lovely photos.

Tracy said...

GORGEOUS, dreamy images, Gwen! Living near the water, I just love this! Best wishes with your gallery sale... Change is good. See it as an adventure! ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Steven Cain said...

I want to come live there Gwen! And be fisherman!

Cuidado said...

Just at the moment this post opened a lovely cooling breeze came in from my north-facing studio window. We have been burning up here on the eastern end of the Island and I sure welcome that breeze. Good luck with your real estate wishes.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Thanks Cuidado, What a coincidence.. it has been one of the hottest summers I can remember here on the coast.

Jeri Landers said...

Something so mysterious about the fog on an empty beach. It looks like a peaceful place. How fortunate you are to get fresh scallops. I love them smothered in BUTTER.

rivergardenstudio said...

Dear Gwen, your foggy photographs are a lovely change from our hot, smokey day in southern Oregon. I love how the colors of the boats stand out and the different shades of gray over the water.
Do you still have your house? I remember when you were thinking of selling it.
Have a wonderful week,

ArtPropelled said...

Beautiful misty photographs, Gwen. How I wish I could buy the Gallery! I hope the right person comes along and keeps it as a gallery.

Carol Steel 5050 said...

I love the fog and think these photos are gorgeous. I hope you're going to frame some of them to sell. They are lovely and really capture the ethereal magic of St. Martin's.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Hi Jeri, Carol, Robyn and Roxanne, It really feels otherworldly when the fog comes in to blanket us.. I was wishing for fog yesterday when it became so hot in the afternoon... my wish came true as it came in again this morning but it has again drifted off to wherever fog goes to hide.