Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pearls and Swirls


Plump and Round Fresh Water Pearls, hung by wrapped silver on shaped and hammered earwires.
I like to think these little darlings are a Classic.
... they are lying on a pretty Bay of Fundy beach stone which in turn is lying on a flea market knotted lace tablecloth... two more things I can't resist.
$22.00 pr.

Earth Stone (properly called Bauxite) Sterling and Copper
on a little pen and ink leaf  from my sketchbook.
I like the irregularity of these stones and that they feel cool to  the touch... 
$18.00 pr.

Airy Sterling Silver Spirals with Amethyst hung by twisted and twirled Silver,  
 $25.00 pr.

Turquoise Jasper, Patinated and Antiqued Copper
(hanging on the side of a bowl I made many years ago as a student... why does it seems like yesterday) 

One of my favourite paintings with a Pearl as the Vocal point is  The Girl with the Pearl Earring  by Johannes Vermeer (love the look in her eyes)    .... which brings me to mention the novel,  The Girl with the Pearl Earring  by Tracey Chevalier.. I really loved this book... a fictional account on the 17th century household of the Dutch painter Vermeer.. There is also a movie.
Thanks and Cheers***


Guillaume said...

There is something so simple about this jewellery that makes it beautiful.

pauline said...

Every time i see another pair of earrings, i say to myself, "ok, that's it!! THIS is the pair i want!!" There are just gorgeous. i love the simplicity of it all. Oh, and btw, for the record, i am NOT a big fan of FB either. Like you, there are more things about it i dislike than like. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog Gwen. xox

Jacky said...

I love Tracy Chevalier's novels too. "The Girl with the Pearl Earring" being one of my favourites (and loved the movie with Colin Firth as Vermeer too).

If you havent already sold these, I would like to purchase the pearl earring and mauve/purple ones Gwen.

Always beautiful jewellery.

Jacky xox

Lynne with an e said...

Pearls: classic
Bauxite: funky
Amethyst: arty
Turquoise: cool

Those were my immediate reactions to each pair of earrings as I saw them. Which translates to "I LOVE every pair." And you showcase them so brilliantly.

As for Facebook, I don't go there. I am sometimes tempted, but really, I just don't need to be "liked" that much. I know it's supposed to be good for "business" and being in the loop, but someone who I know who is in the communications field professionally refuses to have anything to do with FB. And that's reason enough for me.

I enjoyed the movie version of the Pearl Girl. (Colin Firth--what's not to love!)

Gwen Buchanan said...

Guillaume, That is lovely of you to say. I love simplicity. Thank you!

Pauline,Thank you, So kind of you, xo! I had not much exposure to FB before this and didn't know how it worked... I don't think I'll ever get it figured out. I guess i was worried about falling behind in knowing what people were talking about so I had to try it firsthand.

Hi Jacky, the novel "Girl with the Pearl Earring" was one of those books that I wished continued in a series.... and I would love to send these designs your way. I'll send you an email to confirm. Thank you!

Louciao "alias girl of the great northern waters", I love your reactions.... so fun! Thank you!

... and for FB, it's the little things that I didn't know about that bug me and there are certain things that I just have no control over and I'm a control kind of person.. wish I wasn't but hard to change now...

Tracy said...

I'm a pearl girl...*sigh*...but all your earrings are gorgeous, Gwen! Lovely designs. The Girl with a Pearl Earrings is such a wonderful painting, book and film--each a unique delight. You won't find me on FB. ;o) haha... Happy Day ((HUGS))

Gwen Buchanan said...

Thank you Tracy... yes... FB... very good.. and very Bad. ... not sure if it's that balanced tho.

jerilanders said...

I dont have much jewelry, but I love pearls. I have several sets, ( including pink ones) I would love to have these... how do I buy?
Vermeer painting "Girl with a Pearl Earring" is one of my favorites, and the movie is visually sumptuous.
I truly HATE facebook. I have twice closed my account and then it miraculously reappears a few months later, like a zombie.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Thanks Jeri, I'll send you an email with info.
and funny about your FaceBook coming back from the dead..

Carol Steel said...

Gwen, your designs are ever fesh and simply beautiful. I love the pearls and...oh, I love them all.

rachel said...

Lovely amethyst.....

sandy said...

Love your "presentations" - the way you photograph your jewelry.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Thanks so much Carol, Rachel and Sandy... it is fun and frustrating to find the right light and settings.. But i love searching for it anyway.