Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cat 2

"Watching for the Dogs"    by Gwen Buchanan
approx.  6" x 7" charcoal, pastels on brown paper

"Cautious, like crossing a wintry stream,
Watchful, like one facing danger on every side,
Ceremonious, as one who pays a visit,
Yielding, like ice beginning to melt,
Genuine, like a piece of uncarved wood,
Open-minded, like a valley,
And mixing freely, like murky water. 

Which of you can assume such murkiness,
To become in the end still and clear;
Which of you can make yourself still,
To become in the end full of life?
Those who possess this Tao do not try to
Fill themselves to the brim,
And because they do not try to
Fill themselves to the brim,
They are like a garment that endures
All wear and need never be renewed."

 Ancient writing accredited to Lao Tzu,
 It is debated whether he was a man or men or a Philosophy...

Daybreak this morning from the studio

...Blooming Cornflower by our front step on November 24 ... hardy little plant, self-seeds too

Our dog Pirate, whom cats should be warned of... with the CornFlower in mild temperatures by the Bay of Fundy today. All the leaves have fallen now, only the evergreens give color in the forest and bluff-edge.

at Desideratum Art and Jewelry Studio, St. Martins, NB


Terra said...

The writing fits cats very well, and I like your cat art.

Penny said...

Love that cat. I also love to see your photos of a different land to mine.

Guillaume said...

Oh I love that cat!

Owen said...

Your drawings are simply delicious Gwen; I can only wonder at how you caught the worry in the cat's expression so perfectly... obviously nervous. Looks like a beautiful sunny day there too, can you send some our way ? Pretty please ?

Jacky said...

Beautiful that little "Pirate", on the look our for cats with treasure!!!
Wonderful quote. I wrote that one in my journal this morning.

Have a beautiful Sunday Gwen.

Jacky xox

Arija said...

You have certainly captured the apprehensively wary look.I really enjoyed your poetic psychological analysis as well.

ArtPropelled said...

You were up early! Lovely to see your photos and of course Cat is beautiful!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Thank you everyone, we were all so pleased to have a stretch of warm weather at this time in late November.. Alas, The warm weather has been sent on over the Atlantic.. and today is very chilly with high wind.. not a pleasant combination. But it doesn't keep the dogs from keeping an eye out for cats.

Cuidado said...

The warm weather has been great! I had two types of poppies blooming and dandelions on the lawn. I all changed yesterday and I am thankful for the nice kitties I have to keep my lap warm. Love how you got the truly apprehensive look on the white cat's face.

You have probably been very busy with Christmas fairs the lat while. Hope all went well.

Carol Steel said...

I love the cat that you have captured so well. Your wee Pirate looks devilish as he waits for passing cats. Thanks for sharing your photos of the shore at dawn and for the tough little flower at the path's edge. The cold has definitely settled in now, hasn't it?

Lynne with an e said...

That cat does look a little wary, yet very leonine.
Hasn't this been an amazing November?!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Cuidado, I wish I still had poppies. what a delight they would be. We are getting ready now for a show in Fredericton in a week and a half.... hope the weather stays!

Carol you can see right though him.. Pirate is a little devil for sure.. he's our smallest dog and our biggest rascal!
and I love little straggler flowers that forget what season it is.

Louciao, his mane makes up for his skinny tail..
Girls, The weather has been fabulous.. can't complain at all, as long as it stays sunny and sends those lovely rays inside.

layers said...

Your day break image is beautiful... as is your cat artwork.. fits the poetry.

jerilanders said...

It has been years since I rendered anything in Pastels, I love what you have done with them. That little Pirate probably lives up to his name. I remember, as a child, being chased round and round in circles by a little stinker that looked very much like him!I was terrified, but he never caught me. ( I bet Pirate would have!)

pauline said...

Gwen, the daybreak photo is amazing... love, love.
Your drawings are awesome. You are a genius with pastels... beautiful work & words, as always. xox

Tracy said...

Sweet kitty... and sweet dog. Pirate, what a great name! :o) Lovely to catch up with you after returning from some travels and Thanksgiving break in the US. I'm in a place of trying to find a harmony in all there is to do at the moment and still find time to enjoy the things I love to do--like painting, etc. This time of year is such a challenge in that respect, so I know I am not alone in this. ;o) Happy Days, Gwen ((HUGS))

sandy said...

Love that cat - it looks like one that visits me in my back yard.

and Pirate is so cute!

dixiebelle said...

I love the charcoal/pastel cat and your pics are beautiful. What a great place to wake up too!

The Crow said...

No muscle moved without cause.
No effort made without reason.
No time given to obsequiousness.
No thought to make an impression.
It is debated whether a crow is a bird, a philosophy, or an idea.
Probably, it is none of the above.
It is only what it is, no more, no less.
This, a crow has in common with a cat.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Hi All, Thank-you for your warm comments.
Scribbling is fun,
Nature is phenomenal,
Pets are a Joy and Comfort
And Life is a Complete Mystery.

and Crow, you are so observant.

Teri and her Stylish Cats ~ Coco the Couture Cat, Brighton, Disco NoFurNo and Kely said...

Love the cat and his watchful eyes and the dog he should beware of, full of mischief!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Teri, it's wonderful to be around animals isn't it.