Sunday, April 07, 2013

Homemade Pizza Pie... in the Toaster Oven

When I am really busy and want something quick,  this is a great recipe.  It takes 5 minutes to pop all the crust ingredients  into the bread-maker pan... it mixes for 1 1/2 hours on the "dough" setting, while I get more work done in the studio.

This pizza dough recipe is enough for two Pyrex pie pans... the dough is really smooth and easy to stretch to the right size. I pull it up the sides of the pan and then we load all the goodies on top.
I didn't let it raise for any extra time after we loaded it up 
 (I was too hungry and I couldn't wait but it raised nice and puffy anyway while it was cooking.

Here it is after about 20 min. in the convection toaster oven. I made it purposely to fit my toaster oven cause my big oven was on the blink and I wanted to see what I could do with the appliances I had in my kitchen before I bought a new stove... (they are too expensive and they don't make them to last anymore... oh don't get me started... but I digress)  My toaster oven is only big enough to cook one at a time so the second pizza did raise a bit more.. it is beef, onion, parmesan, and chedder cheese.. 

I used a large can of spiced crushed tomatoes that I had bought by mistake but it worked out perfect for this recipe.  We strained them, divided the tomatoes  between the two pie dishes, sprinkled the teeniest bit of sugar over the tomatoes to take away any bitterness and...  with the cup full of delicious tomato juice that was set aside, we made a couple of Bloody Mary's to accompany our kitchen duties.   Bonus!!! 
...of course they were gone by the time the pizzas were cooked.

here's a pic of the crust after it slid out of the dish to cool.  I know, it is a deep dish pizza but I was in the mood for a big thick crust.. if you would like a thinner crust you can use a big cookie sheet but you will need a bigger oven... anyway  it was cooked just right, smelled and tasted excellent.
and it was so easy...  this will be a regular dish when i am in a hurry.. next time ham and pineapple.

here is the recipe for the crust...  it can be mixed by hand too if you would prefer, but for me, it always turns out so well by mixing in the bread-maker, why reinvent the wheel.... Plus it saves time.

Pizza Dough
1 Cup Beer (I was out of beer so I  just used water, still worked out)
1 Tbsp. oil
1 Tbsp. sugar
1 tsp. salt
2 3/4 Cups white flour ( different flour combinations can be used)
2 tsp. yeast
then it goes thru the mixing cycle and pre-raises .
divide the dough in half and shape into each of the pie pans.
top each pizza with sauce of your choice, and your favourite toppings.
bake at 425 F. for 15 -20 minutes.

Bon Appetite!


Linda H said...

Oh that looks SO good.. You're making me hungry.. I'm trying to cut down on carbs to lose a few lbs. before summer... Now I want pizza for supper tomorrow night!!

Valerianna said...

Yum.... !

louciao said...

Cool! I will pass the recipe on to my "chef." I bought him a bread machine at a yard sale for $10 at a yard sale a couple of years ago. He was rather perplexed by this random act of "generosity" on my part, but quickly bonded with the machine. Excellent idea about the Bloody Mary accompaniments...had to laugh about them being all gone before the pizza made it to the table. I sooo understand.

Joanna said...

Looks delicious. Thanks for your comment on my "why do I post" post.

pRiyA said...

Wow! That looks fabulous. I don't have a bread maker unfortunately so I'll just dial for pizza. No way as good as yours but still convenient.

Tracy said...

DELICIOUS, Gwen! Thank you for sharing the recipe. I LOVE the idea of beer in the pizza dough--gotta try that. ;o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

Gwen Buchanan said...

Linda, I'm sure you'll work those carbs off if it ever gets warm enough to spend time in the garden.

Valerianna, You're right!

Louciao, you got a better deal than me, I found mine on Kijiji for $20. I only use it for mixing and raising, always bake my bread in the oven.. turns out better,

Thanks and you're very welcome Joanna.

Priya, I have a passion for pizza.. there is an especially good one in the nearby city... every Tuesday/Two for one.. Good too!!

Tracy, someone would always drink the beer before it had a chance to be in any recipe. Cheers!

ArtPropelled said...

Oh dear, there goes my diet. Nothing but Pizza will do.

Guillaume said...

Gosh that looks delicious! And I was craving pizza!

Faye Henry said...

Your pizza looks delicious and so simple..
Take care..

pauline said...

Gwen, SO many beautiful things to catch up to here! Including the pizza... holy yummy or WHAT?! mmmmm. Your little bead people are just adorable. i love how they look, all gathered up there. Your work always amazes me. I MUST visit you this summer - if ever the sun decides to join us. xox

Oakway Lane said...

Looks Yummy! Ask Max about Fry-pan pizza. We did those a lot when the oven was down - still do in the electric frypan. Very good too. Can't make them as thick though. Those and peanut butter pie. Must make one and blog it.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Robyn, no diet necessary, Pizza is good for you.

Guillaume, Pick a good beer to go with it.

Super simple Faye!

Pauline, I am saying the same thing "Please let the sun shine"

Shelley, I would like to try Fry-pan pizza too. Looks like a great simple way to cook without an oven.

Cuidado said...

Home made pizza seems to be a theme in my life this week. It was even the subject of yesterday's CBC Maritime Noon phone in. Sometimes I am amazed at the synchronicity in the world.

Gwen Buchanan said...

haha... you know what they say about great minds that think alike... haha
... Cheers

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

Looks and sounds fab. I have been thinking about making pizza dough so this is serendipity!

BumbleVee said...

We made pizza last week...I mix it up in the standmixer... let it rise in a bowl... flatten it out, rest 10 and then load it up and bake. Oh, I love home made...'cuz you know what goes into it and you can put on whatever you love most...or... happen to have on hand...hahah

I'm with you on the damn modern appliances... this wee we will be having the 3rd, ..yes, you read it correctly, the 3rd GE fridge delivered. Can you believe that? The first wouldn't keep the freezer drawer cold enough..the second has big cracks in the drawer... let's hope the 3rd is a charm...because every time anybody delivers something or installs the new one... more damage occurs to floors, walls, etc...I am ready to kill somebody... or at the very least tear off an arm or head!

The brand new GE microwave had a wonky did get repaired, of course, under warranty, but by then Mr. BV was ticked with it on several fronts... so bought a new one ... this time Panasonic... and now...after only 3 weeks... the LED display window is wonky...can't see the numbers properly..... arrghhhh! When will this all end? Will I still be here or living in a heavily padded cell ...

BumbleVee said...

this wee should be this "week"

Gwen Buchanan said...

BumbleVee,I made it again yesterday.
I have to lift the tray in the toaster oven to the next level so the very center of the bottom crust underneath gets toasted. or maybe I just had too much topping on it.. that was probably what happened..
I commiserate with you on the way they make appliances these days. It is a crime. I don't know how they get away with it.
But I guess if banks can pass laws for a bail-in, like they did in Cyprus, even here in Canada where they can just help themselves to money in everyones savings account and we can do nothing about it, it is impossible to trust big business of any kind.. that really makes me sad.
I really Hope your new fridge works..

Elizabeth, the crust is so easy and quick... hope it works for you. It has turned out every time for me.

Jane said...

Your pizza looks delicious, but unfortunately I don't have the bread machine...suppose doing it by hand ( less painting :-( ) will do too .

Gwen Buchanan said...

Jane, on yes , you can do it!! my son Zach and daughter Beck, never use a bread machine for this or any type of bread. They have it down to a science and whip it up in no time.