Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sprouting Mung Beans... Making Home Made Rolls... and a Surprise

I decided it was time to start sprouting Mung beans again... it has been a long winter 
and we needed a taste of something homegrown, fresh and springlike.  I forgot how fast they were to do.... 
... now I'm wondering why I haven't been sprouting all along. 
I used to sprout Alfalfa seeds all the time but somehow I got away from it.
Well, not anymore.

I had this jar of Mung beans in the kitchen drawer for quite a while, actually I almost forgot about them... but they were still great. 
they must have the ability to keep their vitality for a long time.. Good thing for Preppers to store away.... just in case...

I measured out 1 C.  and covered them with lots of luke warm water and let them sit on the counter overnight.

In the morning they had already swelled to this size... 1/2 bursting out of their skins.. These little guys were just waiting there in the cupboard for someone to come and rub the jar like Aladdin's lamp a few times to make some magic.  I was really surprised how fast they absorbed the water and came to life.

In the morning, I rinsed them in a colander.

Then laid a thick potholder covered with a teatowel on the counter.  I placed the mung beans in a mason jar lying on an angle so any moisture drained out and away so the beans didn't lay in water... they like to be moist but not lying in water, so draining them is important..
... then I covered them with another teatowel doubled over... (I wove these cotton teatowels a few years ago on the Glimakra Loom that I sold last year)
I rinsed the beans twice a day, morning and night.

I couldn't believe how much they grew in just one day. They were so beautiful. I loved seeing all those lively little growing tails. 
I sampled them right away and they tasted sooooo good ... Like nutty peas.

At the end of the second day I thought they were plenty big enough and tasty enough to start using them.. they really did taste like Spring.

I immediately threw 2 handfuls into our salad,

and another handful went into the Chicken and Veggie soup just near the end... they also are great in sandwiches and stirfrys too. Then store the rest in the fridge in a covered jar for up to a week or two.

*Note: when making the chicken stock I had simmered the chicken bones most of the day... I cooked them much longer than I usually do  and it was so much more flavourful..  The extra time simmering must have coaxed more nutrients and vitamins from the bones... from now on, I will do this..

 Well since we have been in "Jewelry Making Mode" for the last month and a 3/4... - Full out-.. we are home most all the time ... well let alone all the storms... who could go out on the roads... It must be a record for sure.. one storm after the other... anyway what better compensation to have but fresh made rolls for the Slaves(us)... have to feed them if I want to get some work out of them... haha.

Only problem was... they seemed to disappear too quickly.

I am going to add the recipe for the Dinner Rolls below, just incase you get the urge to try some.  
 I mix up the dough in the breadmaker, then put them in the pans to rise and bake.

Dinner Rolls
1 2/3 C. Water
2 T. Powered Milk
2 T.  Canola Oil
2 T. Sugar
2 Tsp. Salt
4 1/3 C. White Flour 
(I didn't feel guilty about using white flour 'cause I cook so much with whole wheat and grains that this was nice for a change.. I felt the need to explain!... I guess I must have felt guilty afterall... must be a woman/mother thing.)
1 1/2 - 2 Tsp. Dry Bakers Yeast

This is the recipe for a single batch of Rolls but I made a double batch.... each batch make 16 big rolls ... I use a  9" x 13" pan. 
I usually let them raise for at least 40 min. sometimes longer, depends how warm the kitchen is... or if the woodstove is on or if there is a lot of sun coming in the windows... all depends... you'll know.
Set Oven for 385-390 Degrees F.  and bake for approx. 22 min. depending on your oven.   I cooked these in a propane oven.
Good Luck!

and a Surprise from Penny Crompton, a  talented Artist Friend from Australia

An Art Gallery all in the space of a 4" x 6" envelope...So beautiful!!!

...hand-stitched work of Art

With this handmade paper bead attached on the closure.

A folding book art display

 with each piece signed

I have enlarged each one a bit so the beautiful textures and colors can be seen better.

 each little miniature art painting is 1 1/2" square actual size. much loveliness in such a compact shape.

Isn't this a visual treat... I felt happy unfolding each page.

And the back has even more.
I love miniatures and I will definitely treasure this.
Thank you Penny!! You surely knew Art with a spring time freshness was exactly what was needed this year.
 Now everyone can enjoy it as much as I did!



Valerianna said...

Yum... I'm especially salivating over the chicken soup and dinner rolls. Cold here and the soup looks just the thing!! Lovely to get surprises. Definitely a record kind of winter.

BumbleVee said...

What a beautiful work of art! And, so tiny too.... it's tricky to work so small and still get an amazing look to things...... you know how I love petite "stuff" ....

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Gwen you are super talented. That soup and homemade rolls look so yummy.
I have some mung dal I must sprout, thanks for reminding me.
That little artists book is simply exquisite.

Priya Sebastian said...

Suddenly I want home baked bread and chicken soup right now!:) And because whatever you've made looks so good, I think I will just go make myself all the same things.
The book and stitched card are beautiful. So much nuance and texture.

Penny said...

So glad you enjoyed them Gwen, I am in love with making these little books.
Yum must try those rolls and am waiting for winter to get back to soups, its salads here at the moment although thank goodness the dreadful heat we had has gone and I hope wont return.

Guillaume said...

I think this is the first time I've heard about sprouting mung beans. I don't think I ever ate them. That chicken and vegs soup looks delicious.

Andrea said...

Thank you!

Faye Henry said...

I loved this post, Gwen. So cozy at your house with homemade soup and rolls .... I love doing sprouts, too and always wonder why I can't keep them going consistently. smile
Your gift is lovely and from so far away.. I want your towels, too.. grin... You are such a talented girl... xo

Gwen Buchanan said...

Thanks, You said it Valerianna! It is the never ending winter....

Yes you do love tiny special projects don't you BumbleVee,.. and you have much talent for it!

Thank you Maya, let me know how they turn out!

Priya, hope they all turned out just the way you wanted. I know they are all good for you. The little accordion book is just sweet isn't it?

Hi Penny, Keep making those adorable books for sure!! I just love them. would the intensity of the heat bother your horses? They must need cool quarters to spend time in.

Guillaume, I used to sprout the mung beans till they had green leaves but I didn't want to wait that long this time.

Thanks Andrea, Good to hear from you! miss you, xo

Hi Faye, Thank you, I think the answer is "too many irons in the fire" but that is the way we like it, isn't it??? there is no other way, is there!! haha. cheers, xo

cathyswatercolors said...

Another beautiful AND yummy post. Thank you for sharing the roll recipe. The roll are a work of art. Honestly!

rachel said...

Mmmm, lovely enticing post in all sorts of ways!

Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers said...

What a post-full of treats! Starting with.... you actually wove the teatowels yourself?! Wow!
I was impressed with the mung beans - have definitely never tried anything more adventurous on the windowsill than mustard cress, but I'll look out for them and give it a try.
And then your friend's art - such lovely spring colours, and after the winter just passing, definitely a welcome treat.
Here's hoping spring won't be too long. Keep warm!

Gwen Buchanan said...

You are so welcome Cathy, We are in love with these rolls.
Rachel, I have to make another batch today...son is home for March Break.

Janice, Yes back in the days when I had time for weaving. they were a favourite to weave, as they were so functional. and made with 2/8 cotton, very long wearing.

Friko said...

I used to sprout beans too, haven’t done it for a long time. It used to be the thing about 20 years ago. I had a special little sprouter dish with a lid. Wonder what happened to it?

And those dinner rolls look so tasty.

A lovely present, it would look very good standing up on a display shelf.

sandy said...

Penny's gift is gorgeous!!

I enjoyed seeing your sproutings and that chicken soup and rolls - makes me hungry looking at it - ...although we got back awhile ago from Taco Tuesday at the Stockade in town - they are delicious.

Enjoyed your post - how could I not - I love it when you post stories and photos.

BumbleVee said...

I"m back.... checking out your buns. hahahhaha.... you know what I mean....... and I went to Penny's site to check out here stuff too... what fun it was scrolling backwards through all sorts of things.... she does everything.......and has great ocean photos too....sigh.... silly me landlocked here in looking at the ocean ...anywhere I can ....

Morna Crites-Moore said...

Dear, dear Gwen - It has been so long since I've visited your beautiful log. What a pleasure it is to spend some time here today. I remember sprouting mung beans in the late sixties - although I don't remember them being ready in such short order. Like you, I wonder why I stopped. Although I do remember once making mung bean soup and I took the glass soup pot off the burner and placed it on a cold, wet piece of metal counter and %CRACK% the pout went with soup all over. Lesson learned. I love your towels - you are a Renaissance Woman, Gwen! I have collection of handwoven tea towels - 50% linen 50% cotton - woven by Mary Whorley in Vermont. I treasure them. Your dinner rolls are gorgeous - I will definitely try the recipe. It was you, btw, who got me to try using the bread machine for mixing dough and then doing the rest by hand. Perfect. xo

Gwen Buchanan said...

Friko, Fresh sprouts are a life saver this long winter.. anything for a taste of Spring.

Sandy, It certainly was a happy surprise!!

Vee, Penny lives in a most gorgeous part of the world. and so do you... near the breath taking Rockies!!

Morna, So happy you have dropped in for a visit! I probably could have let the beans sprout longer and grow some leaves but I couldn't wait. Hope your rolls turned out ok.

Terra said...

I like your art work, the tea towels you wove and the sprouted mung beans.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Thanks Terra, Artwork like Penny's really makes it feel like spring.