Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Early Fall Morning on the Bluff in St. Martins, NB

Natures layers of texture and soft color

We let the surrounding field grow this year for a change and now it has turned golden... it makes a beautiful contrast against the treeline.


The Mountain Ash along the driveway and the surrounding hedgerow borders,
 are laden with berries...We have always tried to encourage native plants and shrubs that feed the birds and wildlife...  and I love how the color brightens everything up.... soon the birds will find them. The Robins and Cedar Waxwings love them.

As I was wandering around in the warmth and calmness of the morning, taking pictures, Church bells began ringing. 
 It was Sunday... It was pretty special. 
I can see 3 Church steeples from up here, this is the closest one down on Main St.

 ...there are even a few bright red berries on the Holly bush this year.

Love these 3 Sisters...  They are Spruce Trees.
....might be almost time to carefully prune a couple of the trees in front of them so the view is better exposed.
 Blueberries and cranberries, in season, grow just below them to the right on the sandstone bluff... intermixed with low growing juniper.

If it seems I am obsessed with the view of Quaco Head jutting out into the bay... I am. 
In all weather conditions it is the highlight of my view... It never disappoints... 
 it shows what is happening with the mighty tides.... coming in, heading out, high tide, low tide..
 and the way the light changes on its surface as it moves from east to west.

I love the way the morning sun highlights the eastern exposure of the houses in the distance.

It feels cozy here in the hidden firepit when a fire is snap, crackle and popping.

White Flocks at the corner of the greenhouse.
The children's camp tucked into the trees.

 The Virginia Creeper changed from green to crimson without me even noticing.. 
How time sneaks up on a person.

The natural world  is taking a well deserved rest... a new season has settled in

 ... a lovely place to have our coffee and tea this morning. Fresh air, beautiful view and birds flitting back and forth, church bells ringing...
 we sat in wondrous contemplation...

The Rosa Rugosa is still treating us with blooms scattered here and there. such a hardy shrub... rarely needs tending.

 Fall has arrived and its only just begun.

Photographs taken by me, Gwen Buchanan, early Sunday morning, Sept. 28
from up on the Big Red Rock, St. Martins, New Brunswick.
Desideratum Art Studio.


WILDSIDE said...

I was all typo in my previous comment, here's what I mean to say!

extremely beautiful and, typically, delicate.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Wildside, Thank you, it would have been lovely to have you wandering along with me. We probably would have noticed more things.

Guillaume said...

Such beautiful pictures! So atmospheric. Gosh I miss proper autumns!

Penny said...

Lovely photos of your area. I almost think I have been there, thank you.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Thanks Guillaume, I hope the leaves stay on the trees a good long time after they turn. I appreciate Fall, as a season, more every year.

Thanks Penny, I feel the same way when I travel through your landscapes. The earth is a pretty precious place.

Steven Cain said...

Lovely walk. We're just beginning to turn down here. Should be a beautiful fall.

maya matthew said...

Gwen this is such a beautiful post of a beautiful place. Wonderful for a blog hop. I love those weathered chairs out in the open and on your porch, so inviting. The three sisters were planted by you or did you just discover them and name them?

Gwen Buchanan said...

Hi Steven, I'm looking forward to a long beautiful fall too... I don't want it to end.

Thank you Maya, Yes I named them... The 3 Sisters were here long before us... we pruned away some brush and shrubs that were crowding in around them so they better stood out. They feel like they are standing in wait and watching the tides as the women did waiting for the husbands to return on their sailing ships ... as this was a well known ship building town in the distant past.

Seth said...

Such a breathtaking place. There really is beauty everywhere you turn.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Seth, I hadn't been off the hill for a while so I went for a drive today... I couldn't believe how colorful the leaves have become. so many bright reds and oranges.

Arija said...

I really don't understand how you can bear to leave your beautiful house and view, your garden and all that building and finishing on the house and outbuildings. Well, in some ways I can but still, I think you will miss it very much.

Gwen Buchanan said...

I think you are right Arija. We have adored making this whole property come to life... and we find the beauty of the area engrossing... but the process of creating again, now that this done, is equally pulling us.. Life is a big set of give and take... so many things to weigh out.
Probably the biggest thing we are looking forward to with our newest project, is being closer to family members.

Valerianna said...

Such a lovely morning journey around your place, Gwen. Since my views these days are into the trees, its nice to see expansive sky for a change. Love all your little nooks and outdoor spaces and collections of stones. Happy October!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Valerianna, Your forest location is always so refreshing every time I visit... A change in nature's offerings is always appreciated isn't it. Cheers.

Faye Henry said...

Hi Gwen.. I am late as usual but i always check up on you.. I have said before that I think you are one talented girl and I still think so.. The quilt in the last post is absolutely gorgeous.. Love your home, of course but it is what you and John have made of it that makes it so beautiful... Hope all goes well with it but I will miss you being there ... xo

George said...

Nice images, Gwen. Such a wild and wonderful place!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Thank you Faye, Someday my wish would be to carve a home out of space as wonderfully as you!xo

Thank you George, I believe you are very happy in your new life. Your posts have been beautiful.

jane B said...

Beautiful pictures and I love your morning coffee spot.
Nature's colours are so lovely at this time of year and what an abundance of mountain ash berries!
I see ours growing then look again later and the birds have had them so there is never a chance to photograph them.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Hi Jane, I am trying to dry a few bunches of the mountain ash berries. They are very firm at the present so hopefully I'll have good results.

Jeri Landers said...

Gwen, It is ALL so very beautiful. The way you artfully used the trees as a wind-block,(I assume that is the purpose)Are they Cypress? The stones everywhere! I am envious of all that roundish stone, it is not easily found here. But that porch, in the Autumn light is perfection. I asked in the post below where you will live when you sell this fabulous house? In the cottage you are restoring? Well, that is wonderful too.

Julia said...

Me ha gustado tu bloc, cuantas cosas interesantes, te invito a visitar el mío, espero que te guste y me encantaría que si no eres seguidora te hicieras para seguir compartiendo nuestros blogs

Gwen Buchanan said...

Hi Jeri, You must mean the trees around the firepit near the house.. They are Eastern White Cedar and make a great little hideaway when they grow in thick together.. in the beginning that area was to be a Secret Garden ... things always have a way of evolving... We were just having fun with the landscape.
There are 115 tons of stone in the walls and John put everyone of them in place.. They came from a Harbour renovation when they had to rebuild it after a big storm did damage to the wharf... all the stones have been rounded by the tides. We love that historical connection.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Hello Julia, Thank you for visiting, I will drop over to see you too.

Sharmon Davidson said...

I hope you have an extra room 'cause I'm moving in with you... lol... Just gorgeous!

sandy said...

I always love to see your photos - which are always beautiful!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Thank you Sharmon, Always room for one more!!!

Sandy, you're sweet.. I always love to see your views of the west coast too. see to sea!