Monday, September 12, 2016

The Busy-ness of Summer

 A field near the house where the Globe Thistles grow. Love these blooms and so do the Bees.

 Our friends grew a ton of Hardneck Garlic  and we were very lucky to be the recipients of these organic beauties!!I am tying them up in bundles here. 

 4 cds of  firewood was delivered cut and split... smelled so good. We stacked it behind the house for now. It is a pleasure to look at the textural variety of the pile.

The newest dry stone wall that John created.  This was a full time 3 week project, starting with the major pick and shovel work to dig them out of the ground to shaping the earth to a finished wall...  it was a major project. I have to tell more about this later.

And not to forget working on our jewelry. Here we are selecting Fresh Water Pearls to match up in pairs and making the sterling Silver ear wires to go with them. 
It has been a tremendously busy summer... have much more to tell in a while.
Till then... Happy September!!!


George said...

Such a nice cornucopia of images, Gwen. Never heard of hardneck garlic, and my back is hurting just from looking at that beautiful stone wall.

Guillaume said...

I LOVE the picture of the wood. Here summer was busy, autumn will be both busier and quiet, paradoxically.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Hi George, I recently discovered there were soft and hard neck garlic myself.. The softneck can be braided but the Hardnecks have to be bundled.. It is all super delicious tho.

Thank you Guillaume, Your new life is just beginning. ... it will never be the same again... it has bloomed.. Enjoy life with your new baby every moment. xo