Garlic Planting Time and Studio Work

So excited to plant my garlic this year!!! well it has been years since I planted any.. and that crop from way back when, wasn't anything to get excited about.  I don't even think I planted it at the right time of year.. 

I pulled apart enough bulbs to have about 60 cloves to plant. I was careful not to keep any for planting that were cut into or the skins were removed. (we ate those) . I just didn't want to take any chances of them not being in great condition as they sat in the cold ground for the winter.

They were just so darn pretty.  

I had a bed of compost all ready for them in the new garden spot we picked out at our new little Old homestead house.  We mixed it into the soil pretty well... this soil is very sandy and dry so I'm hoping the compost does it's job of improving its condition.  Planted each little clove about 6-8 " apart and deep enough to have them covered by another 2". oh and I sprinkled some bone meal throughout the space. I had some so I used it... better there than in the cupboard.

All tucked in for the winter. marked the rows with some leftover sticks from one of John's projects 

Then put a thick layer of straw on top.... Please Grow!!! I put them in one corner of the garden plot so I would not forget where they were because I don't want to trample them when we put a fence up next spring... yes we will need to do that as the deer are very plentiful here.. several walk through the yard every day, browsing what ever they pass by.  They have eaten many things they were not suppose to... Never trust a pretty face.

also was working in the studio.. very busy summer season.. we actually sold out of quite a few designs.. first time that happened... below is a few that I have been working on.... although it was pretty hard to stay at the desk when we had a fabulous fall like this year. gorgeous leaves and weather... it was super!!

Best to Everyone from Desideratum!!!


Penny said...

Fantastic colours. I do so love those earrings. Good luck with the garlic.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Hi Penny, It is a wonderful time of year. So pleased to have the garlic in. Hope your fitting in to your new place! xo

Steven Cain said...

Very cool!

Guillaume said...

Vampire repellant! Oh and gorgeous pictures. I wish autumn was as fiery here.

^.^ said...

Lovely post as always, friend Gwen ... I didn't know that you can plant garlic in the fall like that ... but maybe not in Alberta ... got much colder here and first serious snow started yesterday ... I moved back to the city for the Winter in order to avoid driving in from the farm ... getting too old got winter driving adventures ... smiles ... Paul and Leanne enjoyed New Brunswick and Newfoundland, they are now on their way south towards Maine ... their Instagram address is @paulleanneandavan ... in case you are interested to follow their travels ... Much love and happy Winter, friend ... Love, cat.

Gwen Buchanan said...

We had a beautiful fall this year Steven. much warmer than usual!

Yeah Guillaume, It's working, haven't seen one vampire!!

Hey Cat, hope the chinook comes though and melts the snow. But I know what you mean about winter driving.. hate driving in Snow!! You fam must be having a fab time travelling.. what fun!!

Sharmon Davidson said...

Hi Gwen! We just planted our garlic, too, and will plant more asparagus soon. I love seeing your garden, your dogs, and especially those gorgeous earrings! I'm really loving that first pair - are the beads on those glass or metal? xo

Gwen Buchanan said...

Hi Sharmon, Hey great to hear you have yours in the ground too! I'm hoping I timed it right... just wondering as we had an abnormally warm Oct.... Not complaining by any means as I loved it .. wished it was like this every year. As per the beads, these black and red ones are glazed ceramic, Cheers .

WILDSIDE said...

lovely & promising as ever, gwen!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Looking forward to next growing season very much... getting cooler out now