Saturday, November 03, 2018

Lured Back to the Jewelry Bench

a dull November day... rain is falling... but the light from the window still brightens the amethyst teardrops on my work bench...

 I like that it highlights the inclusions... I feel they give the amethyst more character

Sterling Silver and Silver Wrapped Amethyst... lg. 5/8" textured dome dangle... handmade at our studio...   $40. pair

"Square Peg, Round Hole" ... Solid Copper links and textured square dangle ... Lightweight with gentle movement... handmade at our studio... $25 pair

Sterling Silver and Turquoise Jasper... textured oval with jasper dangle... handmade at our studio. $30. 
...only pair we made

"Heart Lines", shaped and textured copper hearts dangling from copper shaped bead ...handmade at our studio. $25. pair. 

It has been 10 months since we went on sabbatical of producing enough work to supply shops...
But I still like to play at the bench when the mood strikes to make designs to sell.   That is Fun. 
 So I can again offer a few designs to individual customers. I will post them here every time I have something new. 
* if interested in any of the  designs, please send me a note in the message section on the right sidebar. 
it goes to my email and I always answer you asap. We ship within Canada.
...shipping and tax to be added.

Cheers and Thanks so much, Gwen


Rain said...

Gwen your jewelry is beautiful. The amethyst is so lovely, that's my birthstone. I have a nice amethyst pendulum that I use nearly every day, it's my favourite stone! And yes...rainy, dreary days here in November...though we do have snow eek!

fiona said...

They are stunning,

I especially love the Amethysts,
there is a real clarity and
warmth to them.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Hi Rain, first off , I'm sorry about the snow.we had some too, much too early it is gone now but it will be back. I prefer the spring and summer... well I guess fall and winter have their benefits too, that of drawing more into ourselves and having more creative time. that I do love.

Hi Fiona, I love the way light plays with these stones , Thank you

Guillaume said...

They look great. I wish I could buy some more jewellery for my wife. I used to buy her a necklace at every birthday, but she stopped wearing them since she is a mummy.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Totally understand that Guillaume.. less temptation for babies

Judy Martin said...

beautiful work xo

Gwen Buchanan said...

Thanks so much Judy, I am humbled. xo