Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Samuel Palmer ... Inspired

A quick little study that was inspired by a Samuel Palmer self-portrait ca. 1826, he had originally done using black & white chalk on buff paper. I was trying to reproduce it, in watercolor, as it appeared in the book,"Creating a Self-Portrait" by Tom Coates.
It began to take on a life of its own & I let it go there.

I have always found that one of the most difficult things about painting, is knowing when to stop. I tried stopping 2 times & couldn't.... this was my third try.
It is OK to finish with something you had not envisioned when you started. As it is a new creation that would not have come into being, without the initial inspiration...... We should never stop being "Inspired".

approx. 4½" x 5½" on watercolor card stock with a bit of pen & ink

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