Saturday, January 21, 2017

Jewels by Desideratum Art Jewelry

 Fresh Water Pearls on Handmade Sterling Silver wires

 Sterling and Copper link with Amethyst drops

 Textured Sterling Silver Triangles with Amethyst stones

Textured Sterling Silver  with long Copper Triangles

 Large Sterling Textured dome

 Silver Men on Textured Copper dome

 Textured Sterling Silver Wirework Birds  ~ Sold~

Faceted Czech Glass with Antiqued Steel and Hematite Heart

A few designs that have come to light after our move...  seems many of our designs had been tucked away... nice to find them..  if interested in purchasing contact me here


Penny said...

Lovely designs.

Guillaume said...


rachel said...

Catching up here, admiring the jewellery, and wondering how your new home was coming along - then thought I'd look at your Facebook page. I see you haven't stopped with the transforming!! Looking forward to a virtual tour one day.....

Gwen Buchanan said...

Thank you Penny, Guillaume and Rachel... Who would have thought a little old house would have taken this long to do.. living in amongst the rubble we create each time we move on to the next part of the process creates such a disarray of the things we just put over there to be safe. ha. We have come to realize that small spaces are much more difficult to do and work in than large spaces. Challenging but still forging on... Cheers

sandy said...

I, too, was wondering how it was going and know a storm is coming in so hope it goes well for you. Your jewelry is always so pretty to look at.

Gwen Buchanan said...

John has been shovelling the mess.. heavy and wet... come on summer