Saturday, March 17, 2018

the process of making a pieced patchwork quilt

...also called a scrap quilt...
Designing and planning in my sketchbook

using all scrap materials that have accumulated over time

lots of pressing all the way along

laying out for colour placement... lots of shifting and moving around of the little blocks

... during the making of the quilt top we were renovating and rebuilding this little old house .. by the time I finished quilting it, we had finished laying the hardwood floors (that was back breaking work that we don't want to do again none too soon)

 the back was pieced

 the batt 

the top ... sandwich is complete... 3 layers... now into the frames

Quilting in progress

 rolled up so it doesn't take up so much room.

end of the first 200 m. spool of quilting thread

unwound and removing from frames

 binding has been cut, sewn into a very long strip, pressed in half and is being sewn onto the quilt

trimming the excess

 hand stitching the binding to the back

just wanted to see what it looked like in the winter light


The End ..
 or maybe just the Beginning... 
of enjoying a functional handmade beautiful object.

created at our little old homestead by Gwen Buchanan... with much Love



^.^ said...

... omg, friend Gwen ... this is so beautiful ... I am speechless ... Love, cat.

Guillaume said...

Now I want to have a quilt.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Thank you Cat.. it was very simple really.

You could make one in your spare time Guillaume. something to keep you and your fam warm

^.^ said...

I can draw a cat I can draw a horse I can draw a willow tree ... anything ... a candle burning ... u got it, baby ... but I so suck at sewing and knitting, friend Gwen ... in home ec my mother used to sow and knit for me to present to the teacher and guess what I/ she always got an A
... smiles ... Much love, cat.

Faye Henry said...

Oh my sweet Gwen... So loved seeing the many steps to create this beautiful thing.. So much time involved.. Your shoulders must have ached at times.. No pain no gain, though, eh? smile.. To be honest I do not know which pic I love the most.. The quilt or those glorious book shelves..I can just imagine me standing there and exploring the many titles.. lol.. You know me and my books.. Have i ever told you that you are amazing as is John.. Have a great weekend sweetheart..So enjoyed this post as always.. xo

Gwen Buchanan said...

haha funny Cat!!

Gwen Buchanan said...

You are too flattering Faye, I so enjoyed creating this simple quilt. The top was finished last year, but was only able to put it in the frames this winter.. fills in cold winter days with coziness. I so know your feelings for books... was the only thing we did not downsize when we moved.. they are old friends. Thanks so much for looking at my process.. I so admire you. xoxo

Sue said...

I always enjoy your posts, especially when they are quilt related... love this old fashioned scrap quilt! I try to hand quilt at least one each winter. Will be putting one on this week. A small one!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Hey Thanks Sue, That's great.. I would love to see it.. please send along some contact info and pictures of your quilting adventure!! cheers

George said...

Hi, Gwen ~ After a prolonged absence from the blogging community, I've returned with a new blog, "The Shape of Light," and I'm in the process of just checking in with all of the friends I made through Transit Notes. Just want you to know that, as always, I'm continue to be impressed by your artistry and the beauty you bring into the world. Such a delight to see all the work you're doing, and I especially like the photo of that beautiful quilt against the snow. Always and inspiration ~

Gwen Buchanan said...

This is wonderful to hear George.. I'll be sure to sign up to your new blog. Your photographs are so thoughtful and detailed.. a true pleasure.
Our snow hasn't melted yet but we can be hopeful it will, one of these days. Very best to you.

BumbleVee said...

Wow... quilts. What can I say? They are sooooo much work and a ton of stitching.

I was whining that I needed somebody to help me learn how to even thread my silly sewing machine the other day... it sits there gathering dust and, I don't use it for months and forget how to use it at all. I never really learned how to sew on a machine and most of my small stuff is just done by hand. But, it would be handy to be able to know how to thread it and to fill a bobbin without having to resort to page 15 of the manual every single time I need to use it for some little thing. But, I guess I am just not all that interested or I would learn more about it.

I picked up one of my half done little pincushions the other day and am trying to finish it off. It needed stitching around the outside and then turning, stuffing and some more stitching around the edges ..and, it should be done in a few days...

Finally we are getting a bit of warmer weather and no snow this week in the forecast..yaaaayyyy... maybe we will be golfing by the end of May? ... hahahahah....

WILDSIDE said...

Hi Gwen, been back a few times to look at this, the other, and your amazingly supportive reply comments.

But... Tho' wordy when online, not exactly knowing how to comment myself. Other than to wish you well, which I hope in your mind you keep, but as there is so much else... >>> ???

However, I hope "retirement" is suiting you well.

Gwen Buchanan said...

hi wildside... not really sure what you are saying??

WILDSIDE said...

Nor am I, but other than to wish you well!

Gwen Buchanan said...

...and you too, my dear Wildside

WILDSIDE said...

...and thank you, Gwen!

Sorry for my stumble & fumble before; what I really meant to say was "sabbatical" -- not "retirement" -- oops! Two different things.

My mind is already on retirement, I guess... (The best explanation I can come up with!)