Monday, June 04, 2018

Been Making Things

Over the last few months I have been indulging myself.


Guillaume said...

I love the old spin and needles. I love good old knitting. My mother knits a lot of clothes for her grandson.

Rain said...

You are very talented!!!

WILDSIDE said...

Once upon a time (can it be already 3 decades ago?), I borrowed a wheel (same kind as yours, not sure, but think so) and in the evenings after work spun some raw wool I'd been gifted from a country far,far away I wished to be... (and my yarn wound up looking much the same as yours?)... I've long wished to do the same type of activity again, but it doesn't there seem much practical revelance to the life I lead now.

BTW, I keep saying I'm going to give up reading & commenting on blogs -- because each time I do I feel myself going bonkers -- but then, here I am? !

Living vicariously... And appreciating it.

Thanks, Gwen.

^.^ said...

OMG ... U r so gifted friend Gwen … leaves me speechless … except … for this … is there any way U can create for me earrings and neckless … diplayin a wish bone … would b so awesome if U could … Proudly wearing your cat and girl earrings … Much love, cat.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Guillaume, I love that your mother still knits.. esp. things for your dear son

Rain, you are very kind!! just doings things I love.

Wildside.. one can always use comfortable socks.. you must try it again.. so fun and relaxing... rewarding too

Thanks Cat, we have been taking a sabbatical for this year and have not been working in the jewelry studio with the torches and soldering bench. sorry. xo