Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Visitors

The window seat is a favourite spot for the dogs. They can see the driveway & love to sound the alert when a visitor approaches. The last few days we've had visitors of the 4 hoof kind coming out in the field. This picture was taken 3 days ago, when a couple deer came into view. The dogs studied them intensely.

Spring is slowly coming.... the snow is slowly going.

Yesterday in the same field with grass showing now, eight Eastern Whitetail Deer came out to graze. They were so frisky. They seemed happy to be out of the deep woods and the deep snow. It looked as if they were playing a game of tag chasing each other all over the field.

They were beautiful.... nature is pretty special...

The circular area is the sunken fire pit full of snow.... waiting for a good bonfire.

**** Luckily with the amount of forests around the area, the deer are never a problem when it comes to gardens... they have never touched them..... they have lots of browse in the woodlands..


Marie Alton said...

Just another ordinary miracle today!

Our place backs onto a hydro cut...and occasionally we get deer coming to visit there too! They are beautiful creatures.

Spring must be very close. Have heard of raccoons raiding garbages and lately smelled that tell-tale odour of skunk roadkill!

MamaShift said...

Ha! I spy a sheepskin!

Off to get Iris in here to look at the deers.

Spring is upon us here, too. Before Vilnius we were playing in the snow; yesterday we were scrambling to pull out the spring jackets.

MamaShift said...

Two more things:

Just saw that you have me in your list of blogs, which put a big grin on my face. Thanks!

And I left a comment about the goat skin back at my blog.

Gwen Buchanan said...

And to think we are at a similar latitude... I guess its those strong Atlantic currents that keep us cooler.
Back to heavy snowy wet slush today.

Terri said...

Great deer photos. I've seen SO many this winter. In fact, came very close to hitting then on two occasions at dusk with my car!! There are so many along the roadside near Portaupique (on Route 2 between Parrsboro & Truro, NS) that there was a provincial 'traffic' warning issued for several days on NS radio & TV news -- haha --- I bet the city folk got a kick out of that!!

Gwen Buchanan said...

A prov. warning for several days wow! You are right about the number of deer on the move this year. My daughter who lives in a subdivision in Saint John NB, said she was surprised to see a deer walk by her house, so close she could see individual hairs on his back, so she lifted her little girl to see it & as they watched , they started counting & 12 slowly walked out across the main road & in behind a nearby apartment building. There were so many deer there last year people had to put wire fences around their flowers so could have some. The deer apparently love them... & cedar trees. Yum! Pretty things though...

Anonymous said...

If I was there, that would be my favorite place to sit as well! What a beautiful view and that window!! I love all of your archways and your collection of doors- serious, my mouth dropped open when I cam to your blog! Glad I found you!