Friday, June 01, 2012

DESIDERATUM Art Jewelry ... Whimsical Designs... 12 for '12

Cat and Kitten

The Crows

 Twisted Fish

 Twisted Men

Makin' Music.. horn and strings

 Primitive People


 Little Birds

 Dancing Men.......... ar-tic-u-la-ted

 Cat and Bird


Scissors and Thread

 Our DESIDERATUM Art Jewelry Earring designs are created using solid Copper and Sterling Silver.
 Every pair is manipulated into shape by John and my hands, here in our studio.
They are textured for character... hammered for strength... and forged to contour.

  Hope you like them... We think they are Fun.
We made extras so they are all stocked up.

 All the background drawings were done with pen, ink and washes
 and are from my sketchbooks.