Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sunrises, Sunsets, Beach Walks and Beachcombing

 The early morning crew enjoying the view from the oak in front of the house.
 Love watching these ravens every day.  
The purple blue background is the Bay of Fundy and on the far horizon is our neighbouring province, Nova Scotia.

 St. Martins beach ... tide's mostly in.

Tide's out.  A close up of the Flowerpot Rock seen in the previous picture. 
That's my son running below on the seaweed covered rocks. 

 The day after a storm, the beachcombing is always an adventure. 
In a few days this may all be gone ... gathered up and dispersed by the Fundy tides.

Another glorious morning sunrise. Beauty greets me everyday over  that vast expanse of water.

 The bonfire we had while watching the sun go down, as the sunset moved across the western sky .

 A glorious sunrise behind the Isle of Haute, 24 miles out into the Bay of Fundy. 
 Spellbinding display of natures offerings.

 Yes that's one of the two covered bridges at the harbour, almost lost in the fog.

Then the next morning everything changes again. 

St. Martins, New Brunswick, Canada