Saturday, October 20, 2012

Slumber..... Cat 1

Slumber  by Gwen Buchanan

Know that, if you have a warm cozy spot in your house... and... you have a cat... the two shall meet.
Cats can sleep up to 16 hours a day.. anyone who has ever had a cat will testify to this...
 and studies have shown that cats dream... or at least they show the same kind of brain activity that humans produce when they dream.  
They have phases of REM sleep, which is dream time and non REM sleep which is body repair time....
 and why shouldn't they?

Mark Twain, author of the Adventures of  Huckleberry Finn,
 penned a little cat trivia..

"The cat, having sat upon a hot stove lid,
will not sit on a hot stove lid again.
Nor a cold stove lid."

"Slumber"  approx. 11" x 14" charcoal and bistre conte, from my sketchbook.
Desideratum Art and Jewelry studios, St. Martins, New Brunswick,  overlooking the Bay of Fundy

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pearls and Swirls


Plump and Round Fresh Water Pearls, hung by wrapped silver on shaped and hammered earwires.
I like to think these little darlings are a Classic.
... they are lying on a pretty Bay of Fundy beach stone which in turn is lying on a flea market knotted lace tablecloth... two more things I can't resist.
$22.00 pr.

Earth Stone (properly called Bauxite) Sterling and Copper
on a little pen and ink leaf  from my sketchbook.
I like the irregularity of these stones and that they feel cool to  the touch... 
$18.00 pr.

Airy Sterling Silver Spirals with Amethyst hung by twisted and twirled Silver,  
 $25.00 pr.

Turquoise Jasper, Patinated and Antiqued Copper
(hanging on the side of a bowl I made many years ago as a student... why does it seems like yesterday) 

One of my favourite paintings with a Pearl as the Vocal point is  The Girl with the Pearl Earring  by Johannes Vermeer (love the look in her eyes)    .... which brings me to mention the novel,  The Girl with the Pearl Earring  by Tracey Chevalier.. I really loved this book... a fictional account on the 17th century household of the Dutch painter Vermeer.. There is also a movie.
Thanks and Cheers***

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

There is a Remedy for all things but Death

"Alias, Old Fool"
 by Gwen Buchanan
10" x 10" charcoal and conte sketch, pardon my imperfection.

 I am staring at a drawing of a Friend... it is at a drawing that I stare...
I had never met this friend in real life... only on this mechanical screen in front of me.
A Friend I respected, who made me laugh, who worked hard all his life and lived a good life while he was at it... who shared, who made his own kilts and wore them... spoke out about things that weren't right with the world...  an inventor... a bicycle magician... sailed on battleships,  flew airplanes, drove  transport, knew the bayou blue and the country inside out...
 He was frugal... but never with his friendship......... he was humble, possibly a hermit
and Now he is gone from walking on this earth.
We never met... but we knew each other.  How do I say Good-bye?...... I can't.

.... this previous post was dedicated to him.

Old Fool had a blog or two