Thursday, April 09, 2020

The Primrose Blanket .... Yay... Crochet!

This is the first crocheting I have done in a very long time...
...the design is from the Norwegian Designers "Arne and Carlos" crocheted Primrose blanket...
I Loved ❤️ it so much I'm now working on my second one... 

just getting started

Switching it up and doing some crocheting ... something I have done very little of till this year... it's really fun and easier than knitting, at least I find it so... surrounding myself with colour and things to keep my hands and mind busy... eventually with the addition of many more crocheted circles and an additional contrasting circular round on each one, this will be a super cheery "Flower-Garden Blanket". ðŸ˜Š
...inspired by the Norwegian designers, "Arne and Carlos"...if you have not heard of them, check them out they have lots of YouTube videos... talented and fun ❤️

The basket is filling up.. using all kinds of different colours and sizes of yarn in any type I have around, wool, acrylic, silky stuff, fluffy stuff, mohair, cotton... anything at all ðŸ™‚... just stuff from a grab-bag of scrappy odds and ends that have accumulated...
doesn't take long ... and I love the multitude of combinations ❤️ 
... just using the simple steel crochet hook that's shown lying in the middle of the pile ... when I have enough 2-colour circles soon, I will add the 3rd colour which will be added to each circle as they are attached together.

in progress
in order to begin attaching them together, a third round of colour is added

then they are attached as you go along.

still assembling

the little 1/2 circles that attach along the edges to make a straight edge

next the border to frame it all in

so pretty..

it is quite a good size

Man, I just love it!!!

This one was made in Oct-Dec 2019 ... but I liked it so much I decided it was the perfect project to be occupied on during this worldwide shutdown crazy time...
 if you have to stay home for a long time, it is best to focus on a pleasureful activity and make yourself a little happy... I did. 

to watch the video where they share how they did it please see this... 
 also check out their blog for the actual pattern.. it was great fun to make

Thank you Arne and Carlos for everything you offer to the world.. you are so inspiring!!! ðŸ˜Š

***update: I had to upload all my pictures a week later as  when I did this the first time. I went to check my blog and only one picture was showing.. I saw that other people on blogger were having the same problem.. Hope they stay this time... if not let me know cheers,
 and don't watch the news... too stressful