Monday, February 17, 2020

The Cardinals and Doing Repairs

Surely was pleased to have my camera at hand when the Cardinals graced us with a visit. couldn't believe they stayed still long enough to get a picture.

Not the best capture as I had to move quick without scaring them being they are so very cautious. they come at times when not many birds are around the feeder and in dull gray light most often... very early mornings and near sunset.... so bright and beautiful. the pair are together here.

 ...later I decided it was about time for me to fix the worn edges, top and bottom of my much loved and used goose down I noticed escape down lately floating off everywhere.  I love that thing and could not bear the thought of throwing it away... it's so light and warm, like sleeping under a cloud and it has lasted for so very long... prob at least 20 years so far.  I'm using my 1973 Kenmore machine here...that makes her 47 yrs young. bought second hand before I moved from St. Martins.. love tools that last as well... works great

I went to my fabric stash and found some cotton of as close a colour as I could and in enough yardage and made a wide band to cover both worn edges... was rather bulky to manipulate but I managed to finish the job . I'm so glad I saved it.. now it's ready for another 20 years.. ha. hope so.