Friday, June 28, 2013

Pathways, Flowers, Woods and Walks

Nature in her fine green gown.





Photographs taken mid-June up on the red rock bluff ... 
I've taken similar pictures before but every year nature has its own special ways of displaying itself... its own patterns... its new growth...  and I can't resist..

** This part of the earth has special qualities that touch the soul.**

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cow Skull in Black and White

 Best use I've found for the Stock Exchange section of the newspaper....... other than starting the fire.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Tea Time

Gwen's Teapot

 During the winter, my husband John, my son Max and I, had a drawing get-together every day for 2-3 weeks for about 45 min. each session.  It was a good way to talk about art and inspire each other during those long winter days.  Each day we took turns deciding what the subject would be and what medium we would use.   

On this particular day I chose conte  and we all drew our Silver teapot.  It is an old one that we found at the Sussex Flea Market years ago and has been in use in our kitchen ever since.  I asked the older gentleman, who I bought it from, if it made good tea and he replied that it always did when he used it.  I only asked him that because I have had teapots in the past that really did not make good tea... not sure why... but he was right, it did make good tea.  
 It doesn't shine anymore as most of the silver plating on the outside has worn off  and even though it is tarnished and aged, it makes the best tea... sort of like it was broke-in.  The surface of the body is covered with scrolling decorative patterns but it doesn't show in my drawing as we gave ourselves a set time limit to complete or go as far as we could with each drawing and I never had time for the patterns.

I thought I could easily round up John and Max's drawings to post too but they are out today and i can't find them.  When they find them for me I'll take some photos and post them...............


 John's Teapot

 .... and just a bit later... John has found his.  I find John's teapot very painterly... it has life and flow and feels like music to me.
 His writing is very musical too.  Ok he gets an "A".
Whereas, I am  giving myself a "C"  and a note to tell myself to Loosen Up!

and a bit later still ......after more searching

 Max found two teapots...

... really fun to see all the different interpretations!

 And as a little connection to this, later on when we were back at our workbenches  making our jewelry lines for our new catalog, we updated our "Tea and Coffee" earrings to this steaming pair of Mug and Teacup below. They have had a great response so far...we'll keep our fingers crossed.

"Take some more Tea," the March Hare said to Alice, very earnestly.
"I've had nothing yet,"  Alice replied in an offended tone,
 "so I can't take more."

from Chapter 7,  Alice's Adventures in Wonderland,  by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson,
otherwise known as,   Lewis Carroll, 1832-1898

drawings each approx. 10" x 10"