Saturday, November 12, 2016

Cortlands Make the Best Apple Pie

 We have been living at the "new" old homestead for 8 weeks now.  Can't believe the last year has gone so fast.  When will it slow down. 
 I remember when I was a kid, how long the days were... they seemed to drag on forever.
 Not anymore!

So if that's the way it's gonna be, we have to do as much as possible in these new very short days!!
...and one thing I wanted to do was to go picking apples.. 
yes I know we should have been working on house projects, finishing up outside things before winter ...but when Apple time is calling, I am going to answer.

Beautiful big box of Cortlands.. My favourite kind! 

We went down to the nearest Orchard, the one that I pass every time I go to the Post Office to mail a jewelry order out. The fellow who owns it is Mr. Doucette.  He's a super nice older gentleman, tall and lean.. with big glasses and a floppy hat.

He has the most beautiful orchard you ever saw. It is up a very long, very steep, very narrow, winding driveway... almost an adventure just heading up the hill to his farm... but when you are there, you're surrounded with all the bounty of Nature. His orchard is huge... rows upon rows... they were loaded down with fruit... and so well cared for, it was a pleasure to  gather apples there.  He had Pears and Plums earlier in the season, too.

So some peeling, some slicing,, some cinnamon, brown sugar, dabs of butter, sprinkles of lemon juice, good stir and the filling was ready. Smelled so good!

 Mixed up the pie crust... love the old pastry blender I found at a flea market.

Found my favourite long round rolling pin.. Such a cool wooden tool. last forever, it will.

 Finally rolling out the crust time.  I use Lard in my crust

...made enough for 3 pies ...tops and bottoms.
Popped them in the oven and cooked them about 35+ minutes at 350 deg..  but always test for the temperature of your own oven. 

I might have scorched them a bit on the bottom as I'm not quite used to this oven yet
but they tasted great!! 
The fragrance that filled the room was well worth it..
 I wish I could bottle it!!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Moving Down the Road

 Down the driveway and on our way from St. Martins.

 outside Saint John

Driving through Fredericton

Arrived  and unloading into the shed

Happy we had our 4 cds. of  fire wood stacked and dry for the winter

 Here's John with  another couple loads in our "Beverly Hillbillies" moving trailer

Well. here we are. At our little old house.  Hope we don't have to do that again, ever. Huge, Huge job.
I am ready to stay in one place for the rest of my life!!!!!!

It has taken a while to sort through things and it is still an ongoing task.. and it will be for a while. trust me. 
I did manage to carve out a little niche to carry on making jewelry and sending it out. It was a almost a pleasure to hide away in the studio and not look at the stacks of boxes and belongings piled up to the ceiling around the little house.  still lots of sorting to do, but a lot has been purged and given away in the last month. Whew!  
Still, because we chose a house that has been and will be, a project, for a while yet, we have more things to finish up before the winter.  so carry on, we will, till we're done.

John is hankering to get his woodworking tools out of his future painting studio.  

But to finish off for now.... Here's a few designs we did this summer.

 Carved bone skull and textured steel... Handmade at Desideratum, $25

Peridot and Sterling Silver. Lots of movement.  $30. ...
Handmade at Desideratum.

"Earth Mother Totem" earrings. Handmade by John Ackerson in Silver and Copper.  
...displayed on a sculpted dragon cup by my son Zachary Gypsy Cunningham, who works as a fab food creator at The Lunar Rogue Pub, Fredericton.

These "Book and Mug" earrings are part of an order, on their way westward to beautiful Banff, AB. Thank you, Richard Norton at "About Canada" Gallery. 
...background mug was created by the talented Helen Stanley, New Brunswick Potter.

  Sterling Silver Domed Squares...
... large ones are approx.1/2" sq.  $25
...Small ones are approx. 3/8" sq. $18

...background is a pattern from my sketchbook in gouache... really love the combination of those colours together
Opaque soft green glass with sterling wrapped Amethyst (matched as close as possible as all are unique in size). handmade, one-of. $35.

Mama and Baby  $

"Sigma - Pi" with Sterling Silver and Carnelian . Fused, handmade at Desideratum. $40. one of a kind, 2" long top of earwire to bottom of earring, sterling disc is 5/8" across.

...displayed on the neck of John's guitar that he hopes to spend more time on, one of these days.
Cheers everyone!!!

Monday, September 12, 2016

The Busy-ness of Summer

 A field near the house where the Globe Thistles grow. Love these blooms and so do the Bees.

 Our friends grew a ton of Hardneck Garlic  and we were very lucky to be the recipients of these organic beauties!!I am tying them up in bundles here. 

 4 cds of  firewood was delivered cut and split... smelled so good. We stacked it behind the house for now. It is a pleasure to look at the textural variety of the pile.

The newest dry stone wall that John created.  This was a full time 3 week project, starting with the major pick and shovel work to dig them out of the ground to shaping the earth to a finished wall...  it was a major project. I have to tell more about this later.

And not to forget working on our jewelry. Here we are selecting Fresh Water Pearls to match up in pairs and making the sterling Silver ear wires to go with them. 
It has been a tremendously busy summer... have much more to tell in a while.
Till then... Happy September!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

When Rose Season Hits... It's All Surrounding

Roses... beauty on a prickly stem... fragrance... delicacy... petals drifting in the breeze.
Roses have their way here.

Up on the bluff, St. Martins, NB

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Whimsical Art Jewelry Designs from the Studio


 Scissors and Thread

 Flower and Leaf

 Lighthouse and Boat... Making' Music... 18th Hole... Wound Copper Twists... Book and Mug. 

 Ball of Yarn and Kitten

 silver fishbones

"...and the Dish ran away with the Spoon"

All earrings are handmade by John and me,  with Sterling Silver and Copper at our workbenches... All background drawings are from my sketchbook.

 Desideratum Art Jewelry, New Brunswick Canada