Saturday, June 13, 2015

Wild Apple Blossoms

The little Wild Apple tree that grows along the driveway bloomed  with the most profuse rich colour this year.  The most blossoms ever in its young life.

As you can see it is only in its gangly preteen years....  and with it being a wild tree, which means the seeds for it were planted by the wild world.  Maybe a bird stopped there, or a coyote, or a fox or a deer... I will never know, but I'm glad they did...  and it grew there because it liked the location... slightly sloped, full south facing, no imposing large trees to shade it... no transplanting or preparing the earth was necessary.  It liked that spot took root and grew.

But how beautiful.  We have other apple trees blooming now too, mostly pale delicate pinks and they are most lovely too... but none with as bright fuschia petals as this. 

Something about apple blossoms that always capture me... maybe it is their burst of colour and then their fleeting nature. They never stick around as long as I wish... but I guess they have a few magical things to do... like turn into apples...  and that takes a huge amount of the trees energy so it has to get on with it in short measure.

 So glad it graced us with its beauty... makes driving home along the rock bluff driveway even more joyful.  and when this years apples do come, so will the birds and animals that spread the seeds in the first place... a natural circle of life.

"A Seed hidden in the heart of an Apple is an orchard invisible"  
~  Welsh Proverb ~

Photos taken by me in St. Martins, NB at Desideratum Art Studio.