Friday, January 22, 2016

Things On or Near My Desk

Drawing simple things. 
I like that you can draw ordinary useful things and have as good a time as drawing something out of the ordinary.  
they are just lines. every object has lines. and I know these ones.

....10" x 12",  in my sketchbook, Yarka pan watercolours(Russian), Pilot DR Drawing Pen 01 (love this pen)

at Desideratum Art and Jewelry, St. Martins, NB

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ohio Star Quilt

It was time to make another quilt.... so...
I first started out making a few watercolour sketches of how I wanted the quilt to look. 

I liked the simplicity of the pattern, "Ohio Star"... just triangles and squares.

pretty easy...  drew them on graph paper, then glued the shapes to plastic lids and cut them out with an exacto knife... this makes long lasting templates... started drawing the shapes on fabric, then  cutting..

 refined the colour placement.. each block will have 4 colours.. for now I am just cutting out the pieces for the 7 1/2" blocks, the windowpane strips will come later... 
I will be changing the tiny square in between each strip to red instead of white.. when the time comes to cut them out.

the pieces for 1 block are cut out...  that cool pin cushion was a gift many moons ago from Morna Crites Moore, stitcher extraordinaire.

I am using this wonderful old treadle to work on. She is not a highly decorated machine like many old machines but she is a workhorse.  I bought it a couple years ago from a former Home Ec teacher and before her it was her mothers. 

 some plains and prints

 and work in progress

Full view of the old 1936 Singer treadle sewing machine. love that this is foot/human powered and non electric.  I know I have mentioned this before, how much I love the old machines, but what is not to love about a hardworking machine built that many years ago that stitches as well as it did when it was first made.... just a few drops of sewing machine oil every now and then is all it asks for... and to dust away a few particles of lint... pretty easy upkeep. of course it is only straight stitch but prob. 99% of stitching is straight stitch at least for me... and she makes the loveliest straight stitch.

 can you imagine, this machine is 79 years old.. truely awesome!!

Liking how they are turning out so far...nice and bright. 
so onward we go......

of course, the dog would rather lie in the sun.

Cheers for now from Desideratum Art Studio in St. Martins, New Brunswick