Saturday, January 26, 2013

Talking Hands - #12

Ever notice how we talk with our hands.

Many times our hands reveal what our  face may conceal.
 They may express our feelings without us even realizing it.

Besides our face, our hands are the most exposed part of our body.
The hand in the center is mine, drawn from life...  rugged looking as an old fishermans, from years of using them rougher than I should have... probably because I never wear gloves... 
(well I say never but I have learned I will wear them anytime in the future I prune Roses)
...the other hands are drawn from photographs in a book where I kept turning pages till I found a hand and immediately drew it.. some are better and some are worse but every one taught me something.
Nothing was planned, they just went on the paper where they found a spot.
Oh to someday draw hands like Leonardo and Durer...  

Talking Hands,  drawings of hands,  8 1/2" x 11",  cross-hatch and line drawing, dip pens, india ink, watercolor wash... 
center fist was drawn with a large writing nib, all surrounding hand sketches were done with a fine crow quill,  in my sketchbook at Desideratum Art and Jewelry in St. Martins, New Brunswick, on the Bay of Fundy.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sunlight Beaming Through Moving Clouds

No Words Necessary

Light movement is easier to see in this sequence collage

Photographed by Gwen Buchanan in January 2013 from my studio window at Desideratum Art and Jewelry,  St. Martins, during full tide of the Bay of Fundy,  New Brunswick, Canada

Friday, January 04, 2013

Cat 3

Looking up to see what's coming down...
A New Year..
Snowy outside... crackling fire inside. 
 without pressures of deadlines... 
I like that... NO... I love that!  ... the no deadlines part... not the snowy part...
 To be perfectly honest I wish the snow would just disappear.... anyway that won't happen with any amount of wishing...  
but now there is this free time that is presenting itself...   
oh and I have been impatiently waiting for it... let me tell you...
seems that I've been waiting for it for months... 
now everything's saying, "Pick Me, Pick Me"...
 brush, pen, chalk, websites, ink, paint, time, pliers, wire, beads, books, dogs, coffee, tea, music, rearranging stuff, getting distracted......... gotta... just... pick... one.
Ok... close eyes... point... pick up a tool... I don't care what it is, I just want to get started
  sit down and content myself.
... this January free time thing is hard to get used to.
But it's Good!

Chantzee   by G. Buchanan
approx. 5" x 5",  conte pastels on brown paper, drawing of a darling long haired, fluffy tabby cat I had back when I was 18.