Friday, June 26, 2020

Tiny Scrappy 9-Patch

The scrappy " 9-Patch" in the frames... love using up small pieces..
waste not - want not...

my planning stage for the quilt top.. below are the steps it took to get to the first picture. 

using the 1963 Bernina knee controlled machine here.. she's a beauty, I found second hand. well all my machines are second hand.

each 9-patch block is made up of 9 1" colourful squares

making the window pane strips.. these strips finish at 1/2" wide. I like using the little squares on the corners as it helps the blocks match up easier when sewing the long panels together.

used several sewing machines during the making of this quilt top. here is the 1936 Singer treadle

think I am using the 1973 kenmore here

below I am pressing the back of the entire top... I pressed each block as I sewed them as I went along but this will be the final pressing before it goes into the frames.. The back is interesting to look at too.

a little up close view of the work

the frames I used.
 the ones with the green fabric attached were my grandmothers

these are the stands. very simple to make and they just slot together. we just made them up quickly from some old boards in the shed

pinning in the back... I used a red and white striped sheet.. no seams

antique clamps I found at a flea market

old pack of quilting needles I found in the drawer of a sec. hand sewing machine..
 only 47 cents for 20 needles.. quite a bargain.. never see that price again

when it was first put in the frames..
 now many hours of happy quilting. and trying to forget the crazy things that are going on in the world outside. and hoping for better things to come..
I love this simple patterned quilt
Cheerio All