Monday, July 03, 2017

It's Green... and Summer is Here..... at long last

The land has its' green finery on.  Wow I love this time of year!
 Everything feels fresh and new.  

We took a walk down the road and had a gaze across a section of the Saint John River valley stretching west.

 ...on the way there, we went through this green glade.

I never tire of the floral gifts that nature offers.

Hosta just new for this year from a root from my younger sister.. such a hardy plant.

oh so excited!!!  Lots of new perennials for the new little old house, to be set into the garden ... can't wait to see them become their full selves.

an invitation to have tea under the oak that is hard to resist.

 chives.. they have a medieval charm to me

and the precious old fashioned bleeding hearts and bachelor's buttons.

so pretty... Lupins appearing anywhere they want

I don't know this flower that was growing by the roadside

wild grapes above and fragrant yellow lilies below

Giant Ichneumon Wasp, he's a good guy.. sat on this leaf for several hours resting

check that tail piece out! part of it's reproduction apparatus.

Yellow Spotted Salamander, he's a good guy too. He can live to be 20-30 years old can you believe it!

 he was about 4-5" long.. so gentle and quiet.. hardly moved at all....
 found him in the garden and took him back to be my garden helper.. he likes slugs..
 that is a good friend to have!!

 ...kind of has a little seal face, don't you think?

Now take a deep breath and make a wish... have a fabulous summer.. 
Time for me to plant flowers and make more jewelry .