Friday, June 20, 2014

Insect Studies

"Tis the Season... and I Don't Mean Christmas!'


Phylum, Class, Order
Bumble Bee
House Fly
Hessian Fly
Deer Fly
Fire Fly
Wasp Ant Bee
Dragon Fly
Stone Fly

Black Fly
Damsel Fly
Dobson Fly

I find Insects exceedingly interesting... especially in terms of drawing.. the good, the bad and the ugly.
...their structures, wings, antennae, eyes, legs, every part of them... pretty amazing...  so many tiny distinct parts.... like little much variety...

I mean, imagine if there were this many varieties of Human Beings.... Just Imagine... 
 but NO, there's only One of us.. all the same under the skin....  
when you think of it that way there is probably much more chance of survival for insects than for us human beings, as one deadly virus could wipe all of us out because we are only one species.

Insects have a definite advantage in the long run.
.. but till then, the birds, frogs and snakes can eat all the bad ones they want.

approx. 9" x 12", pen, ink, wash, brush in my sketchbook.
Gwen Buchanan, Desideratum Art and Jewelry Studio, New Brunswick, Canada

Thursday, June 12, 2014

One of a Kind and Very Limited Designs at Desideratum Art Jewelry

While looking through my jewelry storage drawers the other day, I sorted out a few designs from our  very Limited Art Jewelry collection to post here.
They were fun to do,  experimental and cool, and are not in our catalog... so no gets to see them...
 and where's the fun in that! ... so here they are.

If interested, would like a better close-up of a particular design or would like more information ... Contact me here or call... my contact info is on the right hand sidebar.
Hand made by John and me, from Sterling Silver and Copper
 at Desideratum Art Jewelry, New Brunswick, Canada

Friday, June 06, 2014

June - the Old Homestead Project

Feels good with everything greened up and the leaves bursting forth.
The apple tree has come out in full blossom.. looks so beautiful... bees were buzzing all around it.
When we walked around the property we discovered 2 more Apple trees not in bloom yet, an old Honeysuckle bush, Rhubarb, Lilacs, Chokecherries, Viburnum  and Wild Grape vines growing everywhere.

 The dogs came this time... they had to be shown their boundaries... they smelled the scent of squirrels and deer.... so we had to keep an eye on them.  There was an extreme amount of sniffing  and territory marking to do.
...although Toby did manage to head after and scare off a small herd of 6 or 7 deer grazing at our property border.

...and I found these old mason jars, 2 Safety Seal and 1 Ball wide mouth, embossed Made in Canada with wire and glass tops, back in the woods where they seemed to have dumped everything way back when.  I love exploring those places. You can see when things changed through time by what they threw out... "Out with the Old, In with the New" when we look back much of the old was better than the new.

 This tumble down shed has seen much better days and will have to go eventually.... actually it is sort of like a movie set because only this front wall and enough of a side wall is still standing to enable it to still stay upright at all.
...too bad cause it had been a cute little building in its time...that thick cluster of Virginia Creeper vines are just beginning to show their buds.

Everything good takes time, right.