Friday, February 26, 2016

Working in the Studio - Early 2016

Lots of happy creativity happening in the studio...  concentrated work... lots of mess... 

Long "Winter" earrings.
 combining Moostone, Mother of Pearl, Czech Crystal, Carved Bone Ankh, Fresh Water Pearl, Sterling Silver... 
Love creating these long multi-stone earrings. and in the process I can give them lots of movement. 

The background is a floral watercolour I did in my sketchbook. one of those paintings that you're not sure about so you go away and leave it for a few days and when you come back with fresh eyes, you see something new and then I'm so glad I left it alone..

another view of "Winter" 

 Amethyst, Labradorite, Peridot, Citrine, African Sandcast , large Fresh Water Pearl, Moonstone and Sterling Silver ... long with lots of movement. Handmade at Desideratum. One of a Kind $50.

 "Be the Slave to Your Heart". Solid Sterling Silver Heart pendant... textured and shaped by hand at our Desideratum Art and Jewelry studio. 1 1/4" wide x 1 1/4" long, hung on braided cotton cord. $100. if interested on any work you might like to have in your little hands

3 shots of the fused Heart necklace.

Here it is displayed on a painting created by my partner John Ackerson. 
I absolutely love this work. so sensitive... 
It is for sale and I will be sad to see it go when it sells.

 Love this amazing texture.

 ... a few pairs of Curling stone earrings are now available they are limited so if anyone is interested in these I have 12 pr. left  ... **Update:Sold Out**

...making the steam that will be fused to the little coffee and tea cups as illustrated in the background.

 ...beginning the fusing phase of the Dragonfly earrings.  There is John over at the other desk cutting out pieces for the next design.  
Just a little note: John also built that arched doorway leading to the next room with the arched windowseat.  
If I could draw it he would make it.  as it went with most things he built everything here.

The Book and The Cat... pic taken on the yellowed pages of a great big 1965 Websters Dictionary found at a second hand store

Cats love a snuggly lap when the owner of the lap finally settles down with their book.

Been a busy last few weeks and we feel pretty good about the designs we have been able to get stocked up on.  Perfect time of year to have a work fest!!

Cheers and happy days to you!