Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The Garlic is Hung

The garlic was hung in the kitchen till it cured enough to trim off the leaves... ❤ ...that's a "Cat Tree" over on the left... a branch fell off a maple and we attached it to a beam ~ the cats love it ðŸˆ ... good bird viewing spot and escape from the dog ðŸ•


the garlic has been trimmed and hung from a ceiling beam in a corner of the kitchen ready to be used till harvest time next year... feels good to look over in the corner and know the harvest was good for another year... it is the easiest crop from the garden to grow. everyone should try it 


Guillaume said...

Now you are fully vampire-proof. Oh and I love your black cat.

Gwen Buchanan said...

It must be working... not a single Vampire has been handing around.. haha

WILDSIDE said...

LOVELY! Garlic is one of my all-time daily favorites -- but I always make a mess with it bringing it indoors... Yet your house is so clean, and cozy... Kudos to you.

Rain said...

That looks great Gwen!! I had a good garlic harvest this year too! It's out in the shed for now hanging, but soon I'll be bringing it into the kitchen! ☺

Gwen Buchanan said...

Hey Wildside.. you're right about Garlic .. the easiest plant to grow in the garden and the messiest when it comes in.. haha
Hey Rain,it's such an easy care crop... it's my fav!!! Glad yours was great too!!

WILDSIDE said...

dear Gwen, yes, garlic my favorite and for nearly almost each and every meal. halotosis? espicalidocious... (sorry, a song i was taught in elementary classes...)
i just plant out the ends of the garlic i purchase now and hope for enough... it's interesting growth with scapes as a "flower" in my garden. can't get enough of the stuff and am grateful i didn't marry all those who told me they despise it. still on the look outs for vampires though! thank you for your reply. take good care today.